Saturday, April 13, 2024

The United: Ocean Outdoor and Branded Cities Present a Live OOH Fashion Spectacle

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In a remarkable fusion of global fashion and digital innovation, the Tom Ford Fall/Winter Womenswear 2024-2025 collection was showcased in a first-of-its-kind transatlantic live fashion event. This unique presentation was streamed live from Milan Fashion Week, utilizing the world-renowned out-of-home advertising landmarks that constitute “The United,” a super-premium digital out-of-home (DOOH) network. This collaborative venture between Ocean Outdoor and Branded Cities represents a significant leap in how fashion and technology intersect, offering a new platform for global brand visibility.

The event’s 30-minute simulcast illuminated screens in three pivotal cities—London, New York, and Los Angeles—each chosen for their iconic status and high-traffic locations, including London’s Piccadilly Lights, the Nasdaq Tower and MiFi in Times Square, New York, and The Moxy in Los Angeles. The collection, featuring military-inspired tailoring, elegant gowns, and dynamic cat suits, was complemented by a striking monochrome catwalk, seamlessly translating the physical runway experience to a digital format that reached millions across the globe.

The wider implications of such an event extend beyond the immediate spectacle, suggesting an innovative approach to luxury brand marketing. By integrating images from Tom Ford’s beauty collection into the OOH activations, the event blurred the lines between fashion and fragrance, enhancing audience engagement and reinforcing brand identity. This strategy underscores the potential of DOOH networks like The United to serve as powerful platforms for luxury brands seeking to amplify their global presence and connect with audiences in memorable, impactful ways.

Officials from both Ocean Outdoor and Branded Cities have highlighted the significance of this event. The unparalleled reach and scale of The United have been praised for its ability to elevate brand saliency, offering a unique canvas that combines the impact of outdoor advertising with the spectacle of live fashion events. This initiative not only showcases the potential of DOOH advertising in creating immersive brand experiences but also sets a new standard for global fashion showcases, emphasizing the synergy between cutting-edge technology and luxury branding in reaching wide, diverse audiences.


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