Sunday, September 24, 2023

GoodNews Coffee Enhances In-Store Experience with Digital Signage Platform

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The Grab&Go coffee shop chain digitizes its stores in Madrid, Barcelona and Paris to offer a 360º experience to its customers

Madrid, Barcelona, Paris

GoodNews Coffee, a pioneering Spanish startup, has revolutionized its in-store Point of Sale (POS) systems in Madrid, Barcelona, and Paris by partnering with, a leading provider of digital signage solutions.

Recognizing the preferences of its primarily young customer base, who are well-acquainted with cutting-edge technologies, GoodNews Coffee was determined to digitize its stores as a major transformative step. Jan Barthe, CEO of GoodNews Coffee, explains, “Our target audience is mainly young people, who have grown up with new technologies and their adaptations, so it was clear to us that digitizing our stores had to be one of our big changes.”

After careful evaluation, GoodNews Coffee selected the digital signage platform to replace its traditional illuminated menu signs with a more interactive and visually captivating system. Barthe highlights the seamless communication and perfect synergy between the two brands, stating, “We chose because it met all the requirements we had according to our needs and, from the beginning, the communication was very simple and easy, so we saw that the match between the two brands was perfect.”

To facilitate this transformation, GoodNews Coffee has integrated multiple LCD monitors managed by the powerful software into its Points of Sale. This empowers the company to effortlessly showcase menu boards, creative visuals, and engaging marketing campaigns. Barthe commends the intuitive nature of the platform, emphasizing its user-friendly interface and the inclusion of previews that allow content review before deployment. He adds, “We would also highlight the user interface and the response time/speed when uploading content. The training provided at the beginning was more than enough for us to get to grips with the application.”

The digitization efforts undertaken by GoodNews Coffee have significantly enhanced the overall in-store experience for its valued customers. The visually appealing and easy-to-read digital menu surpasses the limitations of traditional signs. Moreover, the platform enables GoodNews Coffee to deliver captivating video communications that highlight new product launches and surprise customers with time-sensitive flash promotions. Barthe enthuses, “This digitization improves the whole in-store experience for our customers; in the end, we’ve made our menu more readable and much more visual than the signs we had before.”

Additionally, the digitalization initiative has resulted in a remarkable return on investment for GoodNews Coffee, with increased turnover observed across all Points of Sale since the implementation of the digital signage solution. Encouraged by these positive outcomes, GoodNews Coffee is expanding its footprint by opening new stores in Madrid, Barcelona, Paris, and Amsterdam, where it will continue its successful partnership with

Toni Viñals, CEO of, expresses sincere appreciation to the GoodNews Coffee team for placing their trust in their innovative platform for digitalization. Viñals states, “We are proud that a young and modern company has recognized the potential of digital signage to enrich their premises with dynamic and attractive visual content that helps them to engage and interact with their audience through any type of screen.”


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