Saturday, September 23, 2023

Mercedes-Benz kit out two of their flagship showrooms with 46” Freestanding Digital Posters

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Mercedes-Benz with AllSee Technologies 46inch Freestanding Digital PostersEarlier this year Mercedes-Benz Brooklands expressed an interest in our 46” Freestanding Digital Poster.

It was clear that they felt the display would be an ideal match for their high-end showroom but before the budget could be approved they had to have a demonstration of the unit. Confident in the quality of our product, we agreed to send them the screen on a 30-day trial period, with no obligation to buy. As expected, before the 30-day period was up, they purchased their first 46” Freestanding Digital Poster.

Less than a month later, a Mercedes-Benz Marketing representative happened to see the screen at Brooklands, stylishly displaying Mercedes-Benz content to customers waiting in the customer service area. Recognising how well the 46” Freestanding Digital Poster complimented the great products and services that Mercedes-Benz offer, he immediately placed an order for another display for Mercedes-Benz Brentford.

Our Freestanding Digital Poster range is ideal for high-end locations such as car showrooms, hotel lobbies and casinos but doesn’t cost the earth. Simplicity is the key. They have a built in HD media player; this means there is no need to connect to a PC or DVD player, nor do you have to understand any complicated network systems. Updating the screen couldn’t be easier; you load your images, videos and music files onto a USB drive, plug it into the display and your files will display in a constant slide show.

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