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MultiTouch Announces New Remote Management System for Interactive Displays Deployed Worldwide

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MultiTouch_logoMultiTaction® Site Manager Manages Thousands of Displays in Real-Time

MultiTouch Ltd., the world leader in interactive display systems, today announced a new remote management system, MultiTaction® Management Suite, and its first application, MultiTaction® Site Manager. The MultiTaction Site Manager enables system integrators, IT managers and content providers to manage thousands of globally dispersed, network connected interactive systems. This makes the solution ideally targeted for the corporate, retail, digital signage and education industries.

“As we speak, organizations are deploying thousands of interactive displays around the world. Knowing each display’s operative status and managing their content and applications in real-time has become critical,” says Petri Martikainen, CEO of MultiTouch. “MultiTaction Site Manager is the first product to support remote management of large scale interactive display deployments.”

MultiTaction Site Manager brings the management of interactive displays to the desktop of system integrators, IT managers and content providers, including:

Setting up and configuring displays individually or as multi-display video walls or tables
Monitoring the status of every display in the network
Managing the content and applications in real-time on each display or as a group

With MultiTaction Site Manager, interactive displays are transformed to a remotely manageable IT system. This eliminates the need for most on-site tasks and results to considerable cost savings. Reporting the status of each display within the network in real-time allows immediate responses to system changes and improved end user satisfaction. The application also allows content providers to remotely manage the applications and the information that appears on thousands of displays, guaranteeing the immediacy and the effective use of digital signage and other content delivery.

“The MultiTaction Site Manager is the first addition to the MultiTaction Management Suite that will build into a complete set of applications to manage all uses of interactive displays,” says Tommi Ilmonen, CTO of MultiTouch. “Within the next months, we will expand the suite with additional remote management and monitoring functions as well as interfaces to existing content and IT management systems.”

MultiTaction Site Manager will be first available to all MultiTaction® series of interactive displays. For more information of these displays, visit

MultiTaction Site Manager will be showcased at the 2013 International CES show in Las Vegas from January 8-11 at the MultiTouch booth 14246.

For further information, please visit, and

About MultiTouch

MultiTouch Ltd. is the leading developer of interactive display systems, based on proprietary software and hardware designs. The company is headquartered in Helsinki, Finland with offices in Silicon Valley, New York and Singapore. MultiTouch products are in use in more than 50 countries worldwide.

Source: MultiTouch

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