Friday, September 29, 2023

Vantage Mobile LED Sign Flying High at the Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta in New Mexico

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Vantage Mobile, the mobile advertising arm of California based display manufacturer Vantage LED, brought the benefits of dynamic LED signs to the crowds at the Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta in New Mexico.

The Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta has been providing wonder and excitement to millions of people, young and old, since 1972. The celebration is held annually during the first week of October at the 365 acre Balloon Fiesta Park in Albuquerque New Mexico. In addition to the massive 700 balloon coordinated launch, the 9 day event offers fireworks, arts and crafts, entertainment, and even a chainsaw carving contest. Vantage Mobile, the mobile advertising arm of LED display manufacturer Vantage LED, was at the event with a custom mobile LED unit providing full color digital messages and advertising to event goers.

Organizers for the event were concerned about getting enough foot traffic to the Arts and Crafts tent located at the end of a ½ mile walkway. With a big event like this it’s easy for some areas and vendors to get lost in the mix. Vantage Mobile worked with organizers to provided an eye catching solution powered by their PhoenixTM Series Full Color 32mm LED display.

Manufactured by US based Vantage LED located in California, the sign incorporates Virtual Resolution (VR) technology to enhance the visual experience and LED panels designed to provide the highest contrast ratio possible. It is mounted to a custom flatbed trailer allowing the sign to advertise at a wide range of events, no matter where the location. This particular unit also has extra advertising space using built-in static sponsor panels that fold out, and aesthetic fencing that covers the trailer structure.

The sign content is controlled by Vantage LED’s Lightspeed ™ Media Software, one of the most user friendly LED software packages on the market today. An additional plugin also allows the sign to function as a mobile scoreboard or video board for athletic events.

Full color LED signs have been promoting churches, schools, business and events for over a decade. The technology continues to improve and become more affordable for a wider variety of organizations. One of the largest benefits has been the ability to advertise dynamically and change the message with the click of a button, or automatically with the sign’s scheduling functions. This allows for more control and the ability to implement targeted advertising on an hourly, daily, or monthly basis. Organizations who have invested in LED signs have seen immediate and direct results with increased business and an unmatched rate of return on their investment. However, these benefits haven’t been as readily available for special events where the signage is temporary or for organizations who can’t afford a permanent LED sign.

Vantage LED decided to fill this need by creating Vantage Mobile. With a sole focus on the mobile market, their goal is to empower organizations and events of all sizes to receive the unique benefits of digital advertising.

“Vantage Mobile is meeting a demand in the industry of digital advertising. Businesses and organizations need a dynamic temporary tool to overwhelmingly get advertising across quickly and effectively to lure patrons.” said Paul Martin, Director of Marketing at Vantage LED. “The Balloon Fiesta had a huge arts & crafts tent that demanded the attention of the patrons at this amazing festival and it performed beautifully.”

The event ended on Sunday with the Mass Ascension event where every participating balloon is launched in “…the most spectacular display of sound and color in all of aviation.” Organizers of the event were thrilled to have the mobile LED unit onsite and reported that sign attracted visitors all the way down the ½ mile stretch, with readability as far as 900 feet away.

“Who knows,” said Martin “maybe next year we’ll have an LED sign on a hot air balloon!”

Source: Vantage LED

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