June 3, 2023


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Zytronic collaborates with Nuiteq & Omnivision to deploy multi-touch whatever the environment

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New large format, heavy duty touch multi-touch technology supported by software partners

Ruggedized touch sensor provider Zytronic is now able to offer its customer base a complete, easy-to-integrate touchscreen solution capable of supporting the detection of 10 touch events simultaneously.

Zytronic’s new Multi Touch PCT™ product range has been tested with multi-touch software from leading vendors Omnivision and Nuiteq, both of which offer bespoke and off-the-shelf application suites.

As a result of this development, large form factor displays designed for use in the most demanding of environments will now be able to benefit from complex gesture recognition and compelling user interfaces. The fully customisable multi-touch solutions offered by Zytronic consist of a new family of touch sensors based on the company’s proprietary projected capacitive technology (PCT) and its recently released ZXY200 advanced touch controller. When combined with either the Omnivision Omnitapps or the Nuiteq Snowflake software application packages, and a multi-touch supporting operating system, such as Windows® 7, the forthcoming Windows 8 or Linux kernels from 3.5.1 onwards, they bring 10-point multi-touch functionality to ruggedized touchscreens with diagonal dimensions from 22 to 70-inches and beyond.

“Multi-touch is becoming increasingly commonplace as a way for us to interact with display enabled devices. Our new Multi Touch PCT product is designed to support the large display formats used in self-service (vending machines) and public environments as well as applications, such as touch tables, and interactive digital signage, bringing the functionality found within the consumer space to a far broader spectrum of uses. The compatibility of the technology with the multi-touch application software provided by companies like Nuiteq and Omnivision makes is easier to design and deploy attractive, compelling interfaces” states Ian Crosby, Sales & Marketing Director for Zytronic.

On Zytronic’s stand (A3.453) at Electronica (Munich, 13th – 16th November) will have a series of demonstrations on display based on its innovative multi-touch PCT technology, showing how it can be utilised in a variety of key applications. The touchscreens will be using Snowflake and Omnitapps to demonstrate the capability of this new touch technology. These multi-touch software packages are available directly from Nuiteq and Omnivision respectively.

About Zytronic

Zytronic designs and manufactures a range of technologies that optimize the performance of electronic display applications.  The company’s principle products include award-winning touch sensor technologies, optical filters for enhanced performance and protection, and special filters to minimize electromagnetic emissions.  In addition, the company can offer complex shaped glass composites for specialized applications.

Zytronic products are used in electronic displays for information kiosks, web phones, ATMs and gaming machines, as well as by military, computer, telecommunications, medical and lighting OEMs, and are available from its network of worldwide distributors.

The company is headquartered at its state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Blaydon, Tyne & Wear in the UK.  In addition to ISO-approved manufacturing (including ISO 14001:2004), this facility is responsible for ongoing product development in composite technology and is home to Zytronic’s team of lamination, material science and electronics specialists.

About Omnivision

Since 2006, Omnivision focuses exclusively on the development of touch-enabled applications. Besides the many (off-line) single touch applications, Omnivision has expertise in Windows 7 touch, multi-touch, touch table, Android tablet and iPad applications. If you would like to learn about the capabilities of the different touchscreen solutions, please contact us for an appointment to visit our Experience Centre. You will find a selection of touchscreen applications already developed by us, as well as new possibilities.


NUITEQ is a Red Herring 100 Global award-winning Swedish multi-touch software developer. Its industry leading multi-touch software platform Snowflake Suite, which has over 25 development years invested into it, comes pre-installed with over 35 apps. Snowflake is globally well known for its high level of performance and stability as well as its ease to customise content. The company specialises in developing custom and off the shelf multi-touch software solutions for Fortune 100 companies, system integrators, VARs and OEM.

Visit www.nuiteq.com and www.snowflakesuite.com for more information.

Source: Zytronic