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Blue Cross chooses Dynamax’s digitalsignage.NET for their new business

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digital signage software from Dynamaxdigital advertising screen powered by digitalsignage.NETAnimal welfare charity Blue Cross uses digitalsignage.NET to promote Blue Cow, their milkshake business and create the link between the two entities.

Dynamax’s digitalsignage.NET was chosen to run the new digital signage system installed in the brand new shop of Blue Cow, Blue Cross’ new business set up to generate revenue for the charity.

The signage system located at the POS of the Warwickshire-
based shop promotes Blue Cow’s Shakespeare shakes and smoothies and shares information about the business’s mobile events unit and how the money is being spent to help animals in need.

‘’Besides informing our customers, we wanted to interact with them on a more engaging level both before and after the purchase’’, says Simon Moore, Commercial Development Manager at Blue Cross explaining their decision to display QR codes on the screen and prompt customers to follow the new brand while queuing.

Blue Cross counts over 9, 000 followers on Twitter and over 26,000 fans on Facebook and the charity aims to increase Blue Cow’s social media reach too to the benefit of disadvantaged pets.

‘’We wanted a sustainable advertising solution and not just a quick fix. Digital signage enabled us to easily portray who we are and what we do. We’ve chosen digitalsignage.NET because it is a highly effective and easily accessible product.’’ Moore added.

Howard Smith, Founding Director of Dynamax commented on the news: ‘’We are glad to be working with Blue Cross and help them promote their new business as well as see digitalsignage.NET used in yet another environment after less than 2 years since its launch.’’

The charity discloses plans of expanding the system powered by Dynamax as new Blue Cow shops will be opened across the UK.

About Dynamax

Dynamax Technologies is one of the longest standing digital signage providers in the world, producing digital signage software solutions ranging from cost effective entry-level applications through to enterprise strength ones that are used to inform and entertain over 30 million consumers every week, all around the globe.

digitalsignage.NET, Dynamax’s cloud- based application is the product of choice of leading British AV companies, powering networks of screens small and large in a variety of locations across the UK.

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Source: Dynamax

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