October 3, 2022


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Digital Signage Service Available for Free

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Narrowcasting and Captive Indoor Media Company Media Signage (digitalsignage.com) announces that it has redefined the way public media and Retail TV works. The company launched one of its greatest products, the media Cloud Service which is available for free.

TV screens installed in more & more public areas like stores, restaurants, above gas pumps, food menu boards, & lots of other places. Media Signage has redefined the way customer needs meet the client’s needs, using a special strategy based on the development of a great software product and making sure the client gets the best possible help in understanding and using the software. Since launching in 2006, Media Signage wanted to prove that responsibly marshaling limited resources towards building a great business could be sustainable. Even more, the company launched one of its greatest products, the Signage Cloud Service which is available for free. Anyone can download and install the Signage Studio application and use it for free.

So how much does it cost to begin a narrowcasting based business service, anyone can avail close to zero according to Media Signage. Anyone can open an account at our website, search for clients, and use the service for free, unlimited, helping a business grow.

This is the case of many young entrepreneurs from all over the world. They have heard about Media Signage, installed some digital screens, built a signage network with some funds and soon they became very successful. This is the main feature of the entire Signage service, it doesn’t cost a dime. Other similar companies charge quite a lot but at Media Signage they want the customer to have an opportunity to grow as a business.

When clients hear about the service, they think It’s got to be a limited time trial or it’s too good to be true. When someone joins the mediaCLOUD they simply get an extraordinary application that allows building an elaborate Digital Signage or Kiosk presentation. It uses advanced components like HTML web integration, Live TV, HD videos, Flash animations and more. So you get access to all that and you don’t even have to pull out your credit card. Joining the CLOUD Digital Signage network for free it’s very easy and it proves how the web forever changed how people consume, share, discover, and connect around the world.

Even more, having a narrowcasting service not only helps delivering a message out there but at the same time it allows to publish other company’s ads on a specific location, on a TV screens. This is a low cost service also provided by Media Signage and it allow to use the Ad engine, which is very powerful, tool specially built for incoming and outgoing ads. The mediaADNET Advertising platform allows users to finely target advertising based on sites, demographics, time of day and specific screens; all with the simple user interface for both you (the network owner) and the Advertisers.

Best of all, users can take advantage of a slimmed down, white labeled version of the Signage Studio and embed it directly onto their own web site to allow Advertisers a portal for Ad management.

Source: digitalsignage.com

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