June 7, 2023


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Nexcom Palm-size Digital Signage Player Inspires Future Generation of Elite

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NEXCOM digital signage player NDiS 125 is used to inspire the future generation of elite with legacy of great minds. A Turkish university has installed hundred of NDiS 125-based digital lecterns to help lecturers pass down knowledge and expertise to students whilst simplifying classroom management.

Designed for teaching, the digital lectern is integrated with NEXCOM digital signage player NDiS 125 and a 22-inch touch monitor. With the lectern, a lecturer can pool substantial teaching resources stored in personal laptops, USB flash drives or network storage space and put them on a large projection screen to give students a clear view. Better still; a lecturer can make annotations to the presentation during the class and save the changes for the future use, a feature literally merging smartboard into the lectern.

The lectern is also used in classroom management, including equipment management and keeping attendance records. Outfitted with a RFID reader, the lectern is intended to read RFID-enabled ID cards issued to both lecturers and students. By tapping the ID card, a lecturer can power up and get access to the system and control microphone, speaker, projector and projection screen because the original AV system in the classroom is connected to the lectern as well. As to students, the lectern can register student’s attendance and send attendance data to a central database where all records are kept.

In this project, NEXCOM digital signage player NDiS 125 was introduced into the digital lectern by NEXCOM’s system integration partner. Based on the NDiS 125, the lectern has established itself as a competent digital teaching assistant, helping lecturers deliver dynamic lectures, manage classroom equipments and keep attendance records. Nevertheless, the lectern exhibits a sense of minimalism. Because of the palm-size NDiS 125, the lectern has a slim and sleek look and is beautifully integrated into the classroom.

Moreover, the NDiS 125-based lectern provides the groundwork for distance education. As the university plans to reach out beyond classroom, the lectern can incorporate a webcam to provide online broadcasting of lectures, streaming both lecturer’s image and presentations in the future.


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Source: Nexcom