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Pyramid Computer’s multi-touch POS systems introduce new standard for extension modules

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Pyramid Computer multi touch point of sale kiosks
With polytouch QMS, retailers can add a POS thermal printer, barcode scanner, RFID HF near-field receiver, camera, magnetic card reader and Chip & PIN payment device, simply by clipping modules either side of the display

Quick Mounting System (QMS) allows polytouch® extension modules to be easily exchanged to expand functionality and adapt to new requirements in-store

Pyramid Computer, specialist manufacturer of custom IT systems, has expanded its portfolio of multi-touch point-of-sale kiosks with the introduction of 22-inch and 32-inch models featuring a new standard for extending their functionality. The patent pending Quick Mounting System (QMS) provides a simple way to add an 80×80 mm POS thermal printer, barcode scanner, RFID HF near-field receiver, camera, magnetic card reader and Chip & PIN payment device, simply by clipping modules either side of the display. With polytouch QMS, retailers can readily stay on a par with the latest standards and processes, such as cashless transactions.

New polytouch 22000 POS and 32000 POS models complement Pyramid’s popular polytouch 22 and 32 Classic terminals. These all-in-one systems represent innovative kiosk solutions that connect to the web to facilitate multi-channel strategies such as cross-selling, product promotion applications and social network integration. The e-commerce kiosks offer a stylish design, are easy to use, efficient and highly interactive.

All polytouch devices incorporate state-of-the-art capacitive touch technology, which supports simultaneous touches – up to 10 for polytouch 32 and 32000 POS and up to 20 for polytouch 22 and 22000 POS  –  at an ultra-fast 10 millisecond response time while rejecting palms, allowing developers to create a natural, intuitive and responsive user experience.

Featuring Intel® Core™ i7-3770S processors as standard running at up to 3.9GHz in Turbo mode, Intel HD4000 graphics on chip, 4GB DDR-3 PC1600 memory and a 120GB Solid State Drive, the polytouch 22000 POS terminals deliver full HD (1920  x 1080) resolution. The 32-inch model 32000 has an Intel Core i7-2600S with Intel HD2000 graphics on chip, 4GB of DDR-3 PC1333 memory and a 120GB Solid State Drive. AMD Fire Pro graphics is optionally available for the 32000.

Both terminals provide 1GB/s LAN connectivity with optional 300Mb/s wireless LAN and Bluetooth interfaces. Intel Active Management technology is built into the hardware, enabling remote management, even when the terminal is down. Available operating systems include Windows 7 (32/64 Bit), Windows 8 (32/64 Bit), and Ubuntu Linux.

Pricing for the new polytouch POS terminals will be announced in a new pricelist scheduled for publication during November 2012. This will include all Pyramid’s systems, extension modules, accessories, warranty and services.

About Pyramid Computer

For more than 25 years Pyramid Computer GmbH, based in Freiburg, Germany, has specialised in the development and production of customised IT systems for professional users. Over 100 staff are employed at its headquarters in Freiburg, as well as at its production and logistics centre in Erfurt. Since 1997, Pyramid has been continually awarded TÜV ISO 9001 certification and is successfully audited by major industrial customers on a regular basis.

To offer support for polytouch project planning and implementation, Pyramid has established a partner network of experienced creative agencies, application developers, systems integrators, and service and hardware partners.

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