Saturday, September 23, 2023

Hispanic 3D Ad Network triples its number of 3D Screens now delivering 3.7 Million Hispanic Impressions weekly and signs new advertisers Pepsi, Canada Beef and Mundo Fox

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The Hispanic 3D Ad Network, owned by Los Angeles based 9D Media (http://www.9DMedia.TV) now delivers 3.7 Million Hispanic Impressions with it’s network of “Glasses Free” 3D screens.

“Particularly exciting is the expansion of the interaction viewers can have with the screens and associated advertisers through their mobile device. “This platform will only increase after already generating some great results, allowing advertisers to track results in real time and generate a list to market back to” says Mike Bremner, President of 9D Media.

In the next few weeks 9D Media (http://www.9DMedia.TV) and The Hispanic 3D Ad will be launching more fun viewer / advertiser interactive games on the screens as well as tremendously expanding their social media platforms with more viewer and advertiser interaction on the screens, coupled with global social media initiatives and advertiser interaction that includes flying a private jet around the world.

“The great thing is that we are a Hispanic Media Company NOT a technology company, Bremner laughs. “Our creative team can make content for any 3D or 2D screen in the market. A perfect example is that we no longer buy 3D screens from a company called Exceptional 3D because the market is full of other suppliers and they no longer suited our particular needs. Essentially, we can incorporate any technology into our network that is current with today’s technology and adds a benefit to our advertisers.” Bremner continues.

With initial growth capital from iVest Private Equity in Canada and additional growth capital from Harvard Investment Group based in Los Angeles, coupled with advertising revenue from such marquis advertisers as Kraft, Nestle, Coca Cola, Regional Ford Dealer Groups, newly launched Hispanic TV Network Mundo Fox and Pepsi, etc, etc, The Interactive Hispanic 3D Ad Network is sure to keep growing.

“We’re particularly grateful to our partners at iVest Private Equity in Vancouver, Canada and Harvard Investment Group here in Los Angeles, as well as El Super Markets, Vallarta Supermarkets, Sedano’s Supermarkets in Miami and the team over at AP&P and Superior Grocers”, comments Joe Benites, CEO of 9D Media.

For information about advertising rates and availability in the last quarter of 2012 and into 2013, contact Mike Bremner at the 9D Media office in Los Angeles.

About 9D Media

9D Media is the only Digital Out of Home Signage Company in the world offering “Glasses Free” 3D advertising, specifically focused at targeting the Hispanic consumer. Each member of the staff at 9D Media has extensive experience in the radio, television, movie or, online industry.

Their offices are located at 5900 Wilshire Blvd, 26th Floor, Los Angeles, California 90036.

Phone: (323) 286.1695, Email: Info [at] 9DMedia.TV

Source: 9D Media

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