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Digital signage elevates the atmosphere in the arena

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Zone Systems digital signage solutionIn preparation for the 2012/2013 hockey season, Skellefteå AIK, displayed a part of its ambition to offer sponsors attractive marketing option by investing in digital signage solutions around the rink side and at the entrance and exits in Skellefteå Kraft Arena.

Delivery and installation of the digital signage solution was manage by Zone Systems, whose CEO Anders Karlsson says:
– We have delivered digital solutions in the Nordic region for nearly seven years now, so digital signage is not new to us. But the choice of hardware in Skellefteå Kraft Arena is interesting because with these LED modules we could build really nice, smooth corners in the rink side.
– With traditional monitors the result would have been significantly more angular corners. We have been able to avoid that with these LED modules and produced a attractive installation that we can be really proud of, says Anders.
The technical aspects are many when it comes to arena and stadium signage and one must take into consideration many different factors. For example, it is important to adjust both the brightness and frequency of the screens so they are not perceived as glaring or flickering in TV broadcasting.

– This digital signage gives us an interesting new offering to our sponsors and also means a boost for the arena experience at large. Advertising spaces that existed previously in our stadium gets a fresh new expression and is tremendously flexible in its use, says SAIK’s marketing director Anna Ersson.
– Plus, we can quickly and easily use them to enhance the stadium experience for goals, penalties, intro and similar, says Anna.

– The technology behind animation, scheduling and distribution of the content for the screens is the same as we have worked with for many years, Scala Info Channel, but the LED modules opens new interesting markets for us, concludes Anders Karlsson.

Source: Zone Systems

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