March 27, 2023

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Caltron Set to Introduce A High Bright 17” Open Frame Monitor

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With the electronics and industrial industry constantly changing to adapt to the needs of integrators and OEMs, Caltron is releasing the HBT-1704O, 17” Open Frame High Bright LCD Monitor to accommodate more project needs.  Rated at 1500 nits, this open frame high bright monitor can be a powerful tool when used in any application, compared to most monitors with about a 300-400 nits brightness.

The 17” Open Frame LCD Monitor has become a standard size for many industrial applications. Caltron’s FBT-1704O has been used in many industrial applications, but now with the vast changing market, Caltron has also adopted a 17” Open Frame High Bright Monitor to branch out to meet the demands of the market.

Many applications can take place in a very bright or outdoor environment, such as an outdoor Kiosk can include, ticketing machines, maps & displays, ATM machines, POS machines and even digital signage displays.  When having an outdoor application, a monitor or display with a high bright screen is usually required to fight against the brightness of natural sunlight.  Most regular displays have a brightness of around 250-400 nits. This amount of brightness is ideal for indoor applications since it does not have to fight against the elements of the sunlight.  However, when a typical monitor, including televisions that is used to display content in the sunlight can encounter many problems, like a very dim looking screen, since direct sunlight is so bright. This can cause the display or Kiosk to appear dim and hard for anyone to see what is on the screen.

In most cases a high bright monitor will be used in an outdoor display or in an area with a lot of ambient lighting. A sunlight readable monitor is great for digital signage applications located in an area with high traffic.  The high bright panels allows for the display to deliver content that is easily viewed, even when located in an area with a lot of bright lights or sunlight.  Sunlight readable monitors are also ideal for Kiosks that are located in outdoor areas, such as, parks, outdoor malls, theme parks or front store displays would be great to name a few.

Ideally, the HBT-1704O is just as rugged and robust and Caltron’s typical industrial open frame monitor, the HBT-1704O also comes with touch options, in case, certain applications require a more interactive touch feature.

For more information or to test a unit, please contact a Caltron sales representative by calling 510-440-1800 or by emailing sales [at]


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