Wednesday, February 28, 2024
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daylight readable monitor

Caltron adds the HBT-0842O to complete the high bright series

Caltron releases theHBT-0842O, 8.4” Open Frame High Bright LED Backlit Monitor to the popular line of open frame high bright monitors.  Just like all...

Caltron Set to Introduce A High Bright 17” Open Frame Monitor

With the electronics and industrial industry constantly changing to adapt to the needs of integrators and OEMs, Caltron is releasing the HBT-1704O, 17” Open...

Caltron adds the HBT-1904O to the fast growing line of Open Frame High Bright Monitors

With the growing demand for high bright screens in larger sizes, Caltron has been able to put together the HBT-1904O, 19” Open Frame High...

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