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Amscreen champion made to measure media

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Amscreen logoWith the change in media landscape more apparent than ever, Amscreen, Europe’s largest digital out of home media owner, is blazing a trail with its flexible, made to measure service.  The unique offering enables content to be screened worldwide in a matter of minutes, bringing flexibility to the industry that is yet to be seen elsewhere.

Since its inception in 2008, Amscreen has been devoted to providing a simple and effective method for direct engagement with consumers. With an audience of over 35 million people weekly, the network is moving the industry in a new direction and pushing boundaries, positioning itself as an ‘online outdoor’ media owner due to both its immediacy and flexibility.

Amscreen, whose Chairman Lord Sugar spoke today at the Amscreen and Draftfcb event, reaffirmed the benefits that the network can offer brands. He said “All brands want flexible, scalable and hassle-free advertising and we’re a one-stop shop for all these things. Using Amscreen, content can be loaded on to the screens in a matter of minutes enabling direct customer engagement. It removes the complication and delivers advertising as it should be – straight and simple”.

Through a combination of features ranging from Adlive, which brings the practise of ‘ad-serving’ to Digital Out-Of-Home due to Amscreen’s unique position as both technology experts and media owners, to insights into customer interaction using image recognition, Amscreen is making waves in the industry and shows no sign of subsiding.

Amscreen CEO Simon Sugar said “Our philosophy is about flexibility and delivering made to measure media for our clients. Whilst others have stuck with the same model for the past decade, we are looking to the future and moving in a new direction. By adopting this new positioning as an Online Outdoor media owner, we are highlighting the differences between us and the rest of the industry and demonstrating that Amscreen offers a truly unique proposition for companies to communicate a clear and effective message to consumers”.

About Amscreen

Amscreen is a worldwide digital out of home media network reaching 50m adults each week. Amscreen provides a robust, end-to-end digital signage solution via its unique wireless plug and play technology. Their networks broadcast from 4000 sites across the UK are an effective communication tool for clients such as BP, Shell and WH Smith and a range of blue-chip advertisers such as Coca Cola, Ford, Sky, Visa and BT.

As well as operating in petrol, convenience, leisure and travel locations, Amscreen provides screens to the healthcare industry. Its revolutionary software provides both network partners and advertisers the ability to create and broadcast their own messages that can be viewed in prime dwelling areas such as waiting rooms, forecourts, banks, coffee shops and more.

Amscreen most recent network expansions include Oman, Kenya, Australia as well as developing the estates in Germany, Poland, Luxembourg, Switzerland and Austria.

The live Amscreen mapping system allows advertisers to locate screens across the UK. Visit http://www.amscreen.co.uk/screen-media/mapping_tool.html to view the live mapping link for further information.

For more information on Amscreen, visit www.amscreen.co.uk

Source: Amscreen

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