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Multifunctional Kiosks Boost Revenue for Retailers

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Coupon Express Acquire Digital multifunctional kiosksA leading service kiosk provider have partnered with Acquire Digital to provide an express service to customers in the US.

Coupon Express Inc., provide self-service kiosks and digital signage to retailers and specialise in the placement and management of coupon kiosks throughout the US. The multifunctional kiosks produce coupons and loyalty cards for specific stores to allow shoppers to redeem coupons in-store for immediate discounts.  Digital signage screens attached to the kiosks also provide key location-based advertising opportunities for brands purchasable from within the store.

The screens and kiosks are powered and managed by the advanced software provided by Acquire Digital.  Eric Kash, Managing Director at Coupon Express Inc, explained that, ‘Acquire were the obvious software choice to support our kiosks. Not only does it have the ability to manage multifunctional kiosks like ours but it can integrate with existing POS systems, and has key strengths in monitoring large and complex networks.’

With over 120 service kiosks and digital signage systems located across America the Acquire software intelligently monitors and produces live statistics on the number of dispensed coupons to help calculate the rebates to the stores as well as providing key information to retailers on purchasing trends.

‘Couponing’ is a popular promotional tactic in the USA and is increasing in popularity in China. Compared with traditional methods of coupon distribution where coupons are either delivered to customers or handed to customers in store on arrival, Coupon Express report that the coupon redemption rate has increased up to 30% compared to a rate of 1.4% demonstrating the success of the kiosks.

‘This is another example of how digital interactive systems can hugely benefit retailers. Explains Neil Farr, Managing Director of Acquire Digital. ‘Coupon Express have already reported that the kiosks have helped increase in-store sales by 20-42% with individual products experiencing an increase of up to 266%.’

Coupon Express also have plans to install an additional 300 multifunctional kiosks into leading supermarket chains across the USA by 2013.

‘We will continue to use Acquire Digital software as it is a truly innovative solution.’ said Eric. ‘The team are very attentive to our needs and throughout the installation process when issues arouse they were quick to respond, flexible and proactive – it is a great partnership.’

Source: Acquire Digital

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