Saturday, September 30, 2023

Neo Advertising steps up growth in shopping centres in German-speaking Switzerland

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Neo Advertising, the Swiss “Digital Out-Of-Home” leader, is extending its network to new shopping centres in German-speaking Switzerland and launching new advertising products that will generate greater impact via digital technology.

At Letzipark, on 20 September, the company unveiled a system incorporating four lines of four synchronised screens, which have been installed at the heart of the shopping centre. These synchronised lines form a 10m2 displayable “Branding Zone” enabling brands to reach all passers-by and totally dominate the shopping centre with new creative possibilities. This new installation complements the existing 32-screen system, in order to create greater impact in the fourth-largest centre in the Zurich area (with 110,000 visitors per week).

At the Volki-land shopping centre, Neo Advertising is installing two banks of four synchronised screens at the heart of the shopping centre. This new site will complement the current services at 48 shopping centres and improve the product’s national coverage in German-speaking Switzerland. Volki-land is the fifth-largest centre in Zurich (with 67,500 visitors per week), which means that Neo Advertising now supplies three of the five largest shopping centres in the Zurich area with highly original, synchronised products that have real impact. These three centres represent an audience of 305,000 visitors per week.

At Bern Wankdorf, Neo Advertising is entirely redeploying the existing system and installing four lines of three screens at the central escalators and a bank of four screens by the travelator. This new synchronised system offers greater impact and dominates significant visitor flows.

Neo Advertising is the market leader in Swiss shopping centres with 50 sites, six of which are in the top 20 (source Gfk *).
“These new sites, along with redeployment in existing sites, are just the beginning of a comprehensive plan to strengthen our advertising services in Switzerland’s shopping centres, which we intend to roll out in 2013. Our objective is to be present in 60 sites by the end of 2013, with interactive communication products that have impact and are adapted to the needs of shopping centres, advertisers and consumers”, says Neo Advertising CEO Etienne Reignoux.

The proximity of digital media to retail outlets, their strategic positioning at the heart of shopping centres and the high proportion of purchasing decisions made at the point of sale (76% of purchasing decisions, 55% of which are not on the shopping list**), all mean that this medium and its environment represent an increasingly strategic means of communication for brands.

Neo Advertising SA is stepping up and focusing investments in Switzerland’s largest shopping centres by offering a range of solutions using interactive advertising terminals (Migros Crissier Shopping Centre, Eaux-Vives 2000 and Bern Wankdorf) and synchronised mosaic screens (Sihlcity, Balexert, Volki-Land, Letzipark and Migros Crissier), which guarantee undeniably efficient advertising campaigns.

Source: Neo Advertising

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