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Digital Signage Media Player for $99 – Really?

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doPublicity Digital Signage Media PlayerdoPublicity Digital Signage Media Player Power HDMI MousedoPublicity launches a $99 Digital Signage Media Player with a SaaS solution to display content using images, weather, news and promotions using customizable templates.

Digital Signage has been around for some time and is used primarily by businesses who have a budget, that can accommodate the high costs typically related with this form of advertising. These expensive digital signage solutions, limit the ability of most businesses to benefit from this visually appealing marketing platform.

doPublicity’s vision of a typical digital signage user is an organization, which has a limited digital signage budget and is keen on setting up something that is easy to use. This demographic covers a large range of establishments including restaurants, offices, professionals, places of worship, schools, libraries, manufacturing facilities and many other locations where information needs to be shared.

“Low cost does not mean low quality” says Mahesh Hinduja, doPublicity’s President. “In fact, we endeavor to provide solutions that deliver great content at low cost – without breaking the bank. The Digital Signage Media Player priced at $99 can be obtained with either a free or subscription based SaaS solution; both of which provide users with customizable templates to display their personalized promotions, live news and weather. The solution also includes the ability to remotely manage all content and playlist setting, which lets users manage multiple screens from a single desktop.”

Most businesses could setup a digital signage display for under $275 using a standard 23” monitor (which typically sells below $150) together with doPublicity’s Media Player. Alternately, using a 42” TV that usually costs under $450 and the $99 media player would entail a cost below $550, for the digital display. The bundled SaaS digital signage solution eliminates the need of hiring a professional graphic designer to create content, as the customizable templates are extremely easy to use and the screen owner can remotely preview all content before actual display.

Mahesh Hinduja added “The present economic situation is hard for small businesses who are trying their best to survive and improve profitability. Promoting products using a low cost digital signage solution is the obvious answer.” In addition, he revealed “Based on conversations with existing and prospective customers, we are glad to state that the media player has been well received. We definitely believe that this is the future of digital signage, as it will accelerate the pace of end user deployment. Now business that were on the fence about digital signage, have no reason to delay utilization of such a solution.”

doPublicity is focused on providing digital signage software that are easy to use and require minimal end user training. Their news, weather and customizable templates can be personalized and previewed online, before taking any decision about the suitability of the solution. Most importantly, the lowering of costs has opened a whole new set of marketing opportunities for organizations that were previously locked out, due to budgetary constraints.

About doPublicity Digital Signage
doPublicity Digital Signage is a division of MaGlobe, Inc. a company based in Los Altos, CA. As a company, MaGlobe have been innovative and developed products for niche markets and expanding opportunities since 2001. doPublicity has been successfully selling Digital Signage Content and Remote Management Software since January 2007 and has global customers in the banking, hospitality, restaurant and retail segments.

Source: doPublicity Digital Signage

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