Saturday, March 2, 2024

Broadcastvision Entertainment Launches Affordable Energy-Saving 15” LED Personal Viewing Screen

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Broadcastvision AXS15HDB LED widescreenThe new 15” Personal Viewing Screen from Broadcastvision is a high definition LED widescreen controlled using the popular Broadcastvision Universal Controller, the Axcess AXS17TVCX.

Broadcastvision Entertainment launches the new affordable 15” HD LED Personal Viewing Widescreen, AXS15HDB. The AXS15HDB securely attaches to existing cardio equipment LCD mounts, telescopic stand or custom mounts provided by Broadcastvision. The AXS15HDB is part of the Axcess line of fitness entertainment products operated using the versatile Axcess Universal Controller, AXS17TVCX or the console buttons on some lines of cardio equipment.

The AXS17TVCX controller is loaded with features including the energy saving auto-off feature that was developed to help decrease utility costs for club operators and conserve energy. This exclusive product from Broadcastvision will also allow the user to operate Comcast® and DIRECTV® receiver boxes in conjunction with any manufacturer’s personal viewing screens eliminating the need for a burdensome handheld remote control unit. The company will continue to offer their top selling, high quality, commercial grade 17” Personal Viewing Widescreen that is the brightest personal viewing screen in the fitness industry and available in Silver or Black.

Broadcastvision is your complete source for fitness entertainment including 863MHz / 900MHz Wireless, FM Wireless, Large Screen TVs and Mounts, Sound Systems, Digital Signage, Branded Music and Messaging and Personal Viewing Screens. Broadcastvision is a pioneer and leading market innovator in the fitness entertainment industry.

Source: Broadcastvision Entertainment

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