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TouchSystems Integrates Award-Winning NEC Display with Touch

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TouchSystems logoTouchSystems takes delight in the delight of others. In this case, the delight belongs to NEC. NEC was presented with the Most Innovative Digital Signage Product Award for its X 46 High Bright display at the 2012 InfoComm, the annual global audio-visual (AV) and digital signage show.

The X 46 High Bright is a professional-grade, large-format display that has been designed to meet the rigors of 24/7 operation in outdoor environments. The display boasts high brightness and contrast ratios. The LCD panel has been coated with a quarter-lambda polarizing film, allowing the display to be viewed even when in direct sunlight. The display’s features make it a favorite among quick-service restaurants and the transportation industry; the display is utilized as either a drive-through menu board or an informational display.

TouchSystems has added to the display’s benefits by integrating it with Dispersive Signal Technology (DST). The display now is not only meant for outdoor use but also for interactive use. By adding touch to the large-format display, TouchSystems increases the number of potential markets and applications. For instance, the display could be used not only as an interactive informational device at a bus stop but also as a wayfinding one at a college campus or outdoor expo. When asked about the display, Carol Nordin, president of TouchSystems, said, “We have always prided ourselves on integrating best-in-class products. Getting to integrate an award-winning product is like the cherry on top.”

X4650D-U2HB at a glance:

  • Dispersive Signal Technology (DST)
  • High brightness (1200 cd/m2)
  • High contrast ratio (3500:1)
  • Quarter-lambda polarizing film
  • Ambient light sensor
  • Rugged design
  • Built-in expansion slot
  • Internal temperature controls and self-diagnostic tools

TouchSystems was established in 1996. The company was and continues to be a pioneer in the touch screen technology industry. TouchSystems is dedicated to creating a product that meets people’s needs and designs, manufactures, and distributes touch monitors, interactive digital signage displays, all-in-one touch computers, touch point-of-sale (POS) terminals, informational kiosks, and industrial controls and peripherals. TouchSystems, based in Hutto, Texas, is a certified woman- and minority-owned small business.

Source: TouchSystems

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