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Elemidia Network Expansion reaches 55 cities

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Elemidia logoProcess continues with a focus on cities, from north to south, and already require the presence of digital out of home business

Triggered earlier years and on-going process, the expansion of the Network Elemidia finds a new target for growing cities in the interior of Brazil, with substantial savings and which now require even a local presence through the digital out of home. Founded in 2003, advanced with speed Elemidia by capitals of 20 states, arrived in Buenos Aires and soon reached the rank of segment leader in South America

And after successful prospecting operations already established in the state of São Paulo, the company now closely monitoring the development of medium-sized cities in other regions of the country. If at the beginning of the expansion, the Paraná and Rio de Janeiro, for example, had their capital among the first squares Network Elemidia outside the state of São Paulo, in a reverse movement its inland cities are now part of the brand new bets.

While just planting the flag in Maringá and Londrina Rattlesnake inside the Paraná both the Elemidia starts operations in areas like Rio de Janeiro and Campos Lakes region (including the municipalities of Araruama, Armacao dos Buzios, Arraial Cape, Cabo Frio , Macae, Itaperuna, São João da Barra, Quissamã). In the same pace, the company finalizes agreements operating in towns of Minas Gerais, Bahia and Santa Catarina.

The attention to the development of the Brazilian interior part of the company’s strategy to provide leadership, raising its growth rate of 49% in advertising revenue recorded in the first half, and take advantage of favorable winds in its segment – which grew by 34.4% in last year (May/2011 to May/2012, data Intermeios).

Digital out of home comes to interior and reach the entire coastal strip

According to the company – which has just reached the milestone of 55 cities in operation (from north to south, and Buenos Aires) studies to equate demand and business viability digital out of home in rural Brazil have enough prospects promising.

“We will continue moving forward, because detect various squares in different regions of the country, which already show advertisers balance between national and regional levels and very interesting promotional activities, such as the interior and the coast of the state of São Paulo, where we already operate so consolidated “, says the director of franchise Network Elemidia, Douglas Tsukimoto.

Originally born in the environment of the elevators in commercial buildings, the Elemidia has the vertical large cities one of the premises of his success and changed parameters in the advertising market: impact the public when he is away from home, in an environment of high hopes and forced flow.

Once inside, operating environments such as supermarket chains and shopping malls are the flavor of the month for Elemidia broaden its audience and ensure regional capillarity. Only Network Sugarloaf, the company today has 972 digital displays, operating in 125 31 stores cities. Soon, the operation will total 35 cities and 160 stores under the banner of the retailer.

According Tsukimoto, the prospecting work off-axis capitals never showed so many mutual interests as last year. “Groups and regional communication companies developing profitable businesses in their cities have come to us to innovate their offerings and media tools compatible to the demands that are emerging fast as a novelty in the markets of the interior.”

Among other plans Elemidia for the next 12 months we highlight the 40% growth in operations installed in commercial buildings. “And now we are preparing to reach the entire coastal belt of the country,” said the executive.

Source: Elemidia

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