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Boston Logan International Airport Launches Bi-Lingual Virtual Greeter from Tensator

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Tensator logoVirtual Assistant Welcomes and Prepares International Passengers for Security Screening Process

Boston Logan International Airport today announced it has deployed the latest in next-generation digital signage, the Tensator Virtual Assistant as its bi-lingual Virtual Greeter, to inform and guide millions of passengers quickly and efficiently through the Terminal E security checkpoint. Tensator’s innovative HD projected imaging and audio-visual technology creates the illusion of a real person and is customized to deliver specific messaging.

In Terminal E, Logan Airport’s international terminal, the Tensator Virtual Assistant immediately captures passenger attention with its 3D look and feel and provides essential security information. Messages on ID and boarding passes, federal regulations regarding liquids, garment removal and x-ray machine instructions are delivered 24/7 in both English and Spanish, providing passengers with consistent, surround sound audio accompanied by highly visual information to ensure passengers clearly understand all the information they need to know in order to improve efficiency, passenger flow and their overall airport experience.

“Boston Logan International Airport is an industry leader in deploying new technology,” said Bill Vetter, Senior Vice President and General Manager, Tensator. “By leveraging the Tensator Virtual Assistant, passengers are assured of receiving consistent instructions in both English and Spanish on the preparations they need to make before going through security. Important messages are effectively communicated and valued staff is freed up to attend to critical and important responsibilities.”

Installed in airports across Europe and the Middle East, as well as in other world-leading retail outlets, the Tensator Virtual Assistant is generating interest across the world, and across every vertical sector. Tensator has an established network of 100 distribution partners and 1000 resellers worldwide serving 170 countries, along with in-house support service resources and a wide global network of outsourced field service engineers.

About Tensator

Tensator is a recognized leader in the management of the customer journey. The company offers a large range of digital media platforms, electronic call forward systems, display and signage products, crowd and access control solutions, in-queue merchandising systems, and the Tensabarrier, one of the most respected barrier in the world. Tensator empowers blue chip retailers, international airport terminals, transport providers, financial institutions, major exhibition, leisure and entertainment venues, construction sites, restaurants and hotels to speed customer flow through the queue, improving operational efficiency and customer satisfaction. Tensator helps eliminate lost revenues through walk-aways and drives high value impulse sales with its range of queue management solutions. Visit for more information, and follow us on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and YouTube.


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