June 7, 2023


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LG Electronics Launches Next Generation of ‘Smart’ Hospitality TV Technology Solutions

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New Pro:Centric™ Applications Platform

Further Enhances Interactive Guest Room Experience

The industry leader in hotel- and guest-centric display solutions, LG Electronics USA, is launching two new interactive commercial-grade LED TV series featuring the latest Pro:Centric™ platform, Full HD display capabilities, interactive services support, and EcoSmart™ technology – in an expanded range of sizes to meet a wide array of hospitality needs.

Headlining LG’s product introductions at the 2012 Hospitality Industry Technology Conference and Exposition (HITEC; booth 1422), is LG’s new LT770H LED TV series, an industry-leading combination of Java, Flash and HTML compatibility with Internet Protocol (IP) video decoding, built-in WiFi and dual RF (radio frequency) tuners – resulting in a powerful, feature-rich IPTV platform.

Leveraging IPTV capabilities, combined with the enhanced Pro:Centric platform to support the growing demand for HTML5 applications, LG’s LT770H series eliminates the need for traditional set-top boxes or tuners enabling delivery of a wide range of custom applications tailored to both hotel management and guest needs. The dual RF tuners allow dynamic updating of application data while still providing access to live TV.

“By combining the capabilities of IPTV with the ability to run HTML-based applications on LED TVs, LG has created a powerful tool to bring smart applications widely adopted in the consumer electronics space to our hospitality customers,” said LG’s Richard Lewis, senior vice president, research and technology at Zenith, the U.S. R&D subsidiary of LG Electronics. “LG developed the second generation of Pro:Centric LED TVs with the hotel operator and their guests in mind, introducing a solution that addresses today’s needs while preparing for  the applications of tomorrow, all integrated directly into the hotel’s existing infrastructures.”

Through an advanced platform design, the LT770H series provides uniform services and functionality across both RF and IP networks, allowing the seamless support of direct IPTV, RF-only and mixed RF and IP connections. Cross-network compatibility is a key feature as the migration from RF to IP network topology is expected to evolve over the coming years.

Available in 32-, 37-, 42-, 47- and 55-inch class sizes (31.5-, 37.0-, 42.0-, 46.9- and 54.6-inch diagonal, respectively), these premium LCD TV models display crisp, clear images with energy-efficient edge-lit LED backlighting. In addition, new ‘Auto Configuration’ capabilities eliminate the need for manual setup, allowing for fast and easy installation.

Economical and Eco-Friendly Pro:Centric Solution

LG also introduced the LT670H LED TV series with Pro:Centric this week at HITEC. Available in 26-, 32-, 37- and 42-inch class sizes (26.0-, 31.5-, 37.0 and 42.0-inch diagonal, respectively), the LT670H series features the updated Pro:Centric platform in a single tuner model, enabling a range of interactive services through Java and Flash-based applications.

Leveraging Pro:Centric capabilities, the LT670H series also allows interactive applications to be hosted directly through the guest room TV, eliminating the cost and complexity of a traditional set-top box while enhancing the guest experience.

In addition to offering the same advanced ‘Auto Configuration’ capabilities featured on the LT770H series, the LT670H is the first Pro:Centric single-tuner LED model offering energy-efficient edge-lit LED backlighting. The LT670H is an economical and eco-friendly solution for those seeking to increase interactive capabilities and functionality utilizing RF networks.

Both LT770H and LT670H Pro:Centric models also support embedded b-LAN™ for Pay-Per-View and Free-To-Guest system interoperability, integrated LG Pro:Idiom® digital rights management and MPEG-2/MPEG-4 H.264 decoding for viewing of premium HD channels.

More LG ‘Smart’ Solutions at HITEC

At HITEC, LG is also featuring a number of other cutting-edge technologies designed to help hoteliers provide engaging guest services, including:

  • LV355B and LT560E series EzSign TVs, LG’s newest and award-winning digital signage solution providing simultaneous branded advertisements and live television broadcasts.
    • A turnkey signage solution for hotels and hospitality venues, EZSign TVs offer high-quality picture and contrast ratios combined with customizable content running simultaneously with live TV or another external media source, attracting attention while delivering messaging to guests.
    • Users can create content using the easy-to-use, free software provided by LG along with 50 premade templates, then transferred to an EzSign TV wirelessly with optional dongle or via USB thumb drive. It’s available in 32-, 37- 42-, 47- and 55-inch class sizes (31.5-, 37.0, 42.0-, 47.0- and 54.6-inch diagonal, respectively).
  • Premium model LV555H Pro:Centric LED HDTVs, with IPTV video decoding, dual tuners, embedded b-LAN for Pay-Per-View and Free-To-Guest system interoperability, integrated LG Pro:Idiom digital rights management and MPEG-2/MPEG-4 H.264 decoding for viewing of premium HD channels.
  • The popular LD340H single tuner Pro:Centric model, which includes integrated Pro:Idiom DRM, b-LAN connectivity and MPEG-4 decoding for digital HD Pay-Per-View compatibility in a low cost CCFL design.
  • LV255C LED backlighting series, featuring 1366 x 768 display resolution and 1,000,000:1 dynamic contrast ratio along with public display settings, USB cloning capability and an RS-232C port which helps reduce installation time and maintenance costs.
  • Remote Jack Packs (RJPs), allowing business travelers to connect their personal A/V devices to the TV for easy photo and video viewing, e-mail checking and more – all while watching TV.

Guestroom Entertainment of Tomorrow

Providing a sneak peek at in-room entertainment options for the future, LG Electronics USA also is showing a variety of Smart TV features and functions, including:

  • LG Smart TV with Google TV, representing the possible future of in-room TV technology. The highly-anticipated hybrid entertainment solution combines the familiarity of Google’s Android OS with the convenience and comfort of LG’s 3D and Smart TV technologies:
    • Smart TV Dashboard – LG Google TV’s user interface and main screen have been designed for convenient browsing and content selection. Multi-tasking is also possible, as the search, social networking and TV functions can be run simultaneously.
    • Magic Remote – The Magic Remote with QWERTY keyboard offers a unique approach to the Google TV remote. In addition to a full keyboard, it responds to gesture-based commands, similar to a Wii remote, and offers scrolling as well as voice recognition for simplified search capabilities. The “Wheel” feature enables swift scrolling through Web pages, various menus and applications – just like a PC – allowing users to view content quicker and more efficiently.
    • Voice Command Capabilities – LG voice recognition technology allows users to enter text in search terms with voice commands, speeding up the overall browsing experience for guests.
  •  Commercial LG CINEMA 3D HDTVs, using comfortable and trendy polarized eyewear, similar to that used in movie theaters.

Designed with Green in Mind

Using LG’s EcoSmart technology, both the LT770H and LT670H series LED TVs are designed to be ENERGY STAR® qualified. LG’s LED displays meet ENERGY STAR requirements and are designed with green in mind for today’s hospitality environment. For more information on these LED TVs and display monitors, as well as the full line of hospitality solutions showcased at HITEC this week, please visit: www.lgsolutions.com.

About LG Electronics USA

The LG Electronics USA Home Electronics Business-to-Business division serves customers in the U.S. digital signage, systems integration, lodging and hospitality, healthcare, education, government and industrial markets. Based in Lincolnshire, Ill., with its dedicated engineering and customer support team, LG Electronics USA Home Electronics Business-to-Business delivers business-to-business technology solutions tailored to the particular needs of business environments. LG Electronics USA, Inc., based in Englewood Cliffs, N.J., is the North American subsidiary of LG Electronics, Inc., a $49 billion global force in consumer electronics, home appliances and mobile communications. LG Electronics is a 2012 ENERGY STAR Partner of the Year.  For more information, please visit www.LGSolutions.com.

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