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MultiTouch Ltd unveils infrared pen support for MultiTaction Cells

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MultiTaction penMultiTaction IR pen software enables collaborative applications using pen and touch simultaneously

MultiTouch Ltd, developer of the world’s largest integrated, multi-user LCD multitouch display, today announced the industry’s first infrared (IR) pen support for its MultiTaction® interactive Cells. MultiTaction IR Pen software will enable users to write, draw, sketch, and brainstorm designs and words on MultiTaction Cell displays using most IR pens, and to distinguish clearly between pen and touch interactions.

The MultiTouch MultiTaction platform delivers ultra-fast response times and a flush edge-to-edge work area. Combined with MultiTaction IR pen software, MultiTaction Cells demonstrate the benefits of digital whiteboard and multi-user interactive display, and provide a more effective presentation tool for corporate, educational, and media industry sectors, among others.
MultiTouch is demonstrating its MultiTaction IR Pen solution at INFOCOMM 2012 in Booth# N1463 in the North Hall of the Las Convention Center, from Wednesday, June 13 to Friday, June 15.

MultiTaction IR Pen software will be bundled as a standard feature in all new MultiTaction displays, and offered as a free software MultiTouch at Infocommupgrade for all current MultiTaction displays. Enabling simultaneous pen and hand gesture input thanks to MultiTouch’s patented CVTS (Computer Vision Through Screen) technology, MultiTaction IR Pen software can be used with MultiTaction Cells for collaborative presentations, both as a table or a wall configuration of up to 24 stacked displays.

The software enables unlimited number of pens to draw on a single display, or an array of connected displays, while also accommodating an unlimited number of touches. It will complement MultiTouch products in the corporate, educational, museum, retail, oil & gas, and government/military markets. Clients can develop collaborative applications that enable more efficient and productive communication.

MultiTaction IR Pen software is a new addition to the rich feature sets associated with MultiTaction technology: 200 frames per second gesture tracking, for smooth, ultra-fast responsiveness; high brightness; operation in variable lighting conditions, stackability, and a software that is optimised for tracking multiple concurrent interaction methods, which – in addition to IR Pen – include hands, optical markers and real life objects.

MultiTaction IR Pen software:
• Allows the use of common IR pens as a new input method for MultiTaction displays
• Distinguishes between pen and finger/hand input, allowing user to draw or write with the pen and move and resize objects with his/her other hand
• Enables combined use of physical objects together with the pen, such as a real-life eraser
• Enables annotation on on-screen content supports unlimited number of pens used at the same time

“The collaborative multitouch enterprise environment requires more creative inputs, and MultiTaction IR Pen software is another MultiTaction tablestep toward completely free-flowing multi-sensory communication,” explains Tommi Ilmonen, CTO of MultiTouch Ltd. “The value of a powerful sensory peripheral married with multitouch displays will add to the adoption of this technology as the next-generation corporate whiteboard.”

MultiTaction® is MultiTouch’s latest technology platform for large-scale multitouch LCDs. Based on MultiTouch’s patented optical imaging technology Computer Vision Through Screen (CVTS), it provides the world’s most advanced set of touch, gesture and object recognition capabilities. MultiTaction® Cells are Full HD displays which can accommodate unlimited numbers of touch points and an unlimited number of concurrent users with full hand recognition; for larger, more effective installations, they are stackable up to 24 Cell arrays. The 55inch model – currently the world’s largest integrated multi-user LCD multitouch display – was followed by a 42inch version in early 2012, which is launching into the US at INFOCOMM.

About MultiTouch Ltd.
MultiTouch is a leading developer of interactive display systems, based on proprietary software and hardware designs. It developed the world’s first modular multi-touch LCD screen for large-scale displays, and the world’s largest integrated multi-user LCD multitouch display (MultiTaction, 55inch). The company is headquartered in Helsinki, Finland, with U.S. offices in Santa Clara, California and New York City, and an office in Singapore. Its systems are currently in use in more than 40 countries around the globe.

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