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Amscreen has extended its reach into Australia

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Amscreen logoThe UK’s largest Digital Media owner Amscreen has extended its reach into Australia via one of its International network partners Blue Media. Initial installs  have been carried out in  BP Australia Forecourts in two of the nation’s largest cities – Brisbane and Melbourne.

With recent installations now spanning four continents including countries such as Oman, Dubai, Poland, Germany, Kenya and the UK,  Amscreen are now one of the furthest reaching outdoor media owner networks in the world.

Amscreen CEO Simon Sugar said, “Last year we expanded our network to Europe, and it is really exciting that the Amscreen network is continuing to grow globally, with screens now installed on the other side of the world. This demonstrates the scalability of our product via our unique wireless plug and play technology and how simple we’re made it to replicate our UK and European network across the world. We continue to welcome new partners on board providing them their own digital networks opportunities”

About Amscreen

Amscreen is the UK’s largest Digital Out of Home screen media advertising company, offering a robust, end-to-end digital signage solution via its unique wireless plug and play technology. Their digital media advertising networks broadcast from 3,500 sites across the UK and are an effective communication tool for clients such as BP, Shell and WH Smith and a range of blue-chip advertisers such as Coca Cola, Ford, Sky, Visa and BT.

As well as operating in petrol, convenience, leisure and travel locations, Amscreen provides digital media screens to the healthcare industry. Its Healthcare network uses revolutionary software to provide customers with the ability to create and broadcast their own messages that can be viewed in prime dwelling areas such as waiting rooms, corridors and coffee shops.

To view the Australia network map, click here:

For more information on Amscreen, please contact Sophie Kay at amscreen [at]

Source: Amscreen

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