Sunday, April 14, 2024

Xtend Launches New Unified Digital Marketing Platform

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Xtend Digital MarketingXtend, founded in 2003, launches a Digital Marketing platform that incorporates Web, Mobile, Proximity and digital signage engines, all-in-one.

Xtend B2B, a company specializing in new marketing technologies since 2003 takes a step towards achieving the maximum effectiveness of any Digital Marketing Campaign.

Through the launch of their new Digital Marketing Platform, marketers at Xtend are now able to simultaneously launch a Digital Marketing campaign in the following platforms:

1. Web & Social Media
2. Mobile
3. Proximity Marketing hot-spots
4. Digital Signage Screens
5. Information kiosks

By utilizing the most advanced interconnection techniques, the message gets across to people who might not carry a computer or even check at their mobile phone at the time of launch. It goes through to all ages who can read and understand what a TV screen posts at a high visibility area but at the same time directs people to social media campaigns or to the nearest proximity marketing hot-spots to engage them and persuade them to get involved with the advertised brand.

Unique in its conception, this platform bridges all high ROI platforms into one and delivers maximum penetration.


Source: Xtend

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