December 6, 2022

Digital Signage, DOOH News and Information Provides Digital Signage Software for Menu Board Applications for Five Separate Restaurants

2 min read, a provider of digital signage software and hardware applications, provided digital menu board solutions for five separate restaurants in the months of April and May. These recent client acquisitions have grown out of the company’s efforts to establish a foothold in the growing small form-factor digital sign industry.

In addition to providing robust enterprise digital signage software for five restaurant chains, also provided the digital signage player hardware. “Our player hardware, coupled with the advanced management tools provided in our software will allow these restaurants to upsell and cross sell to existing customers more effectively,” said Nathan Nead company president.

The company’s digital sign software allows for full remote content scheduling, a process often known as dayparting. This feature gives restaurant owners the ability to schedule for playback at specific times of day. Breakfast, lunch and dinner can be scheduled to play on any number of display from a centrally managed server. Restaurant owners can target specific customer demographics at specific times of day.

Several key industry case studies have helped to prove the effectiveness of using digital menu board technology as a means to target customers right at the time they intend to purchase. But digital signage is not only for restaurants. It also proves an effective solution in corporate offices, malls, government facilities, retail stores, banks, credit unions and transportation facilities.

The software trumps standard printed signage in nearly every respect. allows users to use a hosted version of its software or purchase server hardware and or software to control a private network of digital display screens.


Since 2009, has provided signage software, hardware and consulting services to hundreds of different companies in over 25 different countries. The company is privately held and is located in Seattle, Washington.


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