Saturday, September 23, 2023

Tierney’s Ennis embrace Digital Signage from Texas Digital

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VitalCAST are top suppliers that provide cutting edge digital advertising, digital menu boards, cinema listing information, sponsor messages, ticketing prices and a lot more by means of outdoor and indoor signage screens.

Texas digital is a frontrunner in digital signage solutions. VitalCAST enables you to attract, inform and inspire your customers with digital high resolution signage. The turnkey solution makes it easy for you to get started or expand your digital signage presence with all the hardware, software, training; configuration and customer support your need. They also offer content creation and content management services to assist you during the installation process.

Studies have been carried out and it has been said that people will become aware and react to digital signs rather than static signs.
84% of shoppers age 18 to 34 find digital signage featuring product or sale information to be helpful.

Successful Point of Purchase displays in shops, restaurants and Hotels etc. has an effective influence on their sales. Hanging posters shelf mounted signs and other printed media advertisements are effective, but dynamic digital signage uses both traditional advertising and broadcast style adds.

VitalCAST utilizes live media feeds and content creation. VitalCAST is an up-to-date, money-making, eye-catching communication solution inside your shop, restaurant, hotels, cinema etc. It can also be used outdoors. It includes a straight forward scalable platform which can be used and ran from one location for multiple shops, restaurants, hotels etc. Specials and sales promotions can be updated on displays in seconds.

VitalCAST uses LCD or plasma weatherproof screens. All screens are readable during the day. Cleverly displayed LCD in good locations around your Shop, Cinema, Restaurant and Hotel will grab your customer’s eye and increase the chances of an impulse buy.

It is used to:
•   Promote latest products
•   Draws attention to meal deal(combos) and high margin items
•   change day  menus automatically
•   Develop branding efforts

Advantages of VitalCAST are:
•   Organise mixture of horizontal and vertical displays
•   Can be fitted into current restaurants or easily included into new builds.
•   Operate menu prices and promote latest products for any number of restaurants from one central location.
•   Inspire customers to buy on impulse at POS using eye catching graphics.
•   Loosing space from backlit boards will be a thing of the past.

VitalCAST enables you to attract, inform and inspire your customers with high resolution digital signage. It’s very easy for you to get going or increase your digital signage presence by using the turnkey solution with all the hardware, customer support, configuration and software you need.

Tierneys Office Automation is Ennis based IT company providing “stress free IT solutions” for Hotels, Restaurant and other business in Ireland.

Source: Texas digital

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