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PiixL’s new EdgeCenter takes Digital Out-Of-Home to the next level!

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PiixL Technologies Ltd, designers of the acclaimed EdgeCenter™ 3770, are excited to announce the upcoming release of their new EdgeCenter™ in Q2 2012.

Still based on the VESA mountable PC concept, this new model brings a host of improvements to our original design while drastically cutting down the EdgeCenter™’s original price. These include:

– Higher internal height (>50mm) to allow a broad range of standard PC components, including Dual GPU graphic cards, to be used as easily as on a standard tower PC,

– Reduced mounting distance to the wall (<60mm) despite the increased height, thanks to PiixL’s new proprietary wall mount bracket,

– Fully compatible with any VESA mounting patterns between 200×200 and 800×475, and compatible with any screen dimension ranging from 32″ to 70″,

– Ability to be removed then slid back in place, even once mounted to the wall, for easy and complete access and easy upgrades,

– Cutting edge cooling system combining low temperatures  and whisper quiet operation even under heavy loads.

This new EdgeCenter™ model aims at the Digital Out-Of-Home industry and represents an unprecedented value proposition for deploying truly innovative content such as Flash based Augmented Reality, NFC or Chip & Pin terminals, or Touch or Gesture Controlled interactive media. As such the key requirements that have been met for this release are:

 – Market-leading reliability, with fanless or active solutions based on multiple redundant, three point factory-balanced fans cooling subsystems, and integration by global industry leaders for consistency and scalability,

 – Ability to integrate any sensors such as Kinect, webcams or payment terminals into standard extensions that can then be secured to the mainframe for a cost efficient and robust, truly all-in-one solution,

 – Market-leading Total Cost of Ownership with advanced customer services offered in partnership with global industry leaders, and the latest remote management technologies.

Turning any display into a robust, cutting-edge Digital OOH platform has never been that sleek, easy and cost efficient. Please visit us on for more information!


PiixL Technologies Ltd is a Digital Out-Of-Home solutions provider based in the heart of London’s technology ecosystem. We design and integrate cutting edge, ‘convergent’ hardware solutions such as our acclaimed EdgeCenter™ range. We are thrilled by innovation, and by the possibilities opened up by the next generation Digital OOH age.

Please visit us on for more information, alternatively feel free to give us a call if you have any question or want to talk about the product!


PiixL Technologies Ltd
UK Company No. 07492229
30 Phipp street, London EC2A 4NR
Tel: +44  (0) 20 3286 4106

Source: PiixL Technologies

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