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Newad gives back to the student community and educational institutions

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Newad logoNewad is happy to announce the allocation of more than $100,000 to students in many of the country’s colleges and universities through its Newad Bursary program. Presented in partnership with educational institutions, these funds are intended to support associations or individuals who’ve performed outstanding achievements in their given field of study.

Newad’s Indoor network is present in many of the country’s institutions of higher learning. Over the past 17 years, the total sum of advertising fees handed out to colleges and universities amounts to more than 21 million dollars. What’s more, the equivalent of 4 million dollars has been allotted to students and their associations, through scholarships or pro bono advertising.

“We’re happy to give back to Canada’s student community, especially because Newad as a company recruits dozens of graduates from those educational institutions each year. For us, this undertaking falls in line with the values of Newad’s 350 employees and brand ambassadors”, comments Philippe Marchessault, Executive Vice President of Operations, Development, and Innovation, Indoor Advertising.

Among the schools receiving scholarships this year, there is: Ryerson University (On), Centennial College of Applied Arts & Technology (On), Humber Institute of Technology and Advanced Learning (On), Vancouver Community College (BC), University of Victoria (BC) and University of Calgary (Ab).

About Newad
Newad reaches the highest concentration of the Young & Affluent in Canada by guiding its millions of consumers to four targeted platforms: Indoor, with 21,500 digital and classic boards in over 3,000 establishments and 36.5 million impressions delivered per week; Experiential Marketing, with the production of 250 promotional events a year; Publishing, with hundreds of digital productions each year as well as the NIGHTLIFE.CA website reaching 200,000 Montrealers every month; and Web, including the advertising network Newad Online, the design and production of websites, microsites and mobile applications. Newad’s 350 employees and brand ambassadors set the trends in our Montreal, Toronto, Vancouver, Edmonton, Calgary and Moncton offices. Newad has won numerous awards for its creative, innovative campaigns.


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Source: Newad

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