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Las Vegas-Based Technology Company Gets Creative With an ‘ALICE Virtual Receptionist’ Contest

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ALICE Interactive Virtual ReceptionistWinTech, LLC launches fun competition to give away an ‘ALICE Receptionist’ to one lucky business

WinTech, LLC, a Las Vegas-based technology company, announced today it has launched “Who’s ALICE?” — an online contest for businesses nationwide to win a ‘front desk makeover’ featuring the new ALICE Receptionist system. ALICE, which is an acronym for ‘A Live Interactive Customer Experience,’ is completely revolutionizing the way businesses greet office visitors.

“ALICE Receptionist is an exciting new way for businesses to manage their office lobbies,” said WinTech Chief Technology Officer Mike Yoder.  “ALICE uses motion detection technology to greet visitors as they enter a business building so visitors aren’t left to wonder. ALICE then notifies employees of the visitor’s arrival and facilities two-way video or audio communication between the visitor and the employee sitting at his or her desk.”

The online contest will be hosted on www.WhosAlice.com, where businesses can go to submit one contest entry for each of their office locations. The contest ends on May 31, 2012.  The winner will receive a complete ALICE Receptionist system, including hardware, software and the first year’s support and maintenance licenses.

ALICE Receptionist avoids the “self-service” approach, and instead focuses on connecting the visitor with a live employee right away. “Businesses in the past had to choose between an unmanaged lobby or pay a full-time receptionist,” said WinTech Chief Executive Officer Vernon Rodriguez. “Now with ALICE, they have a high-tech option in which they can continue to personally greet visitors, but at a fraction of the cost.”

ALICE is available in a variety of affordable packages, with most business reporting a 100 percent return on investment within the first four months. Savings add up quickly.  A typical business will save tens of thousands of dollars year over year by using ALICE Receptionist to manage their office lobby. For more information and product details, visit http://www.alicereceptionist.com.


WinTech, LLC, provides technology solutions built around the ALICE (A Live Interactive Communication Experience) technology. ALICE enables businesses to present live customer service video agents on any number of kiosks, video displays and other digital signage devices, enabling two-way or one-way video interaction with customers. In addition to ALICE Receptionist, WinTech will introduce ALICE Concierge for the hospitality industry in early 2013. More information on WinTech can be accessed at www.WinTechLLC.com.

Source: WinTech

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