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Visualplanet target existing non-interactive kiosks and displays with on-site upgrade to touch

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Visualplanet touchfoil non interactive kiosks and displays upgrade to touchWith a growing demand to make all things touch the unique and flexible visualplanet touchfoil™ provides an effortless, on-site upgrade solution for any existing large format non-touch kiosk or digital display.

With its bespoke manufacturing capability the visualplanet touchfoil™ can be precisely made to the exact size of an existing kiosk or display. With little to no modification to the existing enclosure the touchfoil™ can transform any non-touch system into a powerful interactive display. This presents advertisers with an unmissable opportunity to maximise their investment in these systems by creating interactive advertising campaigns that visually captivate customers and increase awareness, engagement and feedback.

Visualplanet Director Mike Cole says “Until recently only about 10% of all large format advertising displays were Visualplanet touchfoil onsite upgrade to touchdelivered with an integrated touch screen. Now with the flexibility of the touchfoil™ this can be resolved without the need to remove the existing installation. There is an ever-increasing demand for existing non-touch installations to be upgraded to touch, so compelling interactive content can be created to attract even more customers and advertising revenue.”

Lightweight and clear the 100 micron touchfoil™ is simply laminated onto the inside of the existing glass protecting the display. The touchfoil’s patented touch sensing system, which has been designed by visualplanet specifically to work through glass up to 20 mm thick, means the upgraded kiosk or advertising display becomes a rugged touchscreen. And of course, unaffected by direct sunlight, dirt, dust, moisture and even chewing gum making it ideal for public facing information and advertising displays.

About the touchfoil™

Each touchfoil™ is manufactured to the customer’s specific size requirements and works using ‘projected capacitance touch technology’. The transparent touchfoil™ can be attached to and work through non-metallic materials such as glass up to 20 mm thick. The touchfoil™ handles single and multi-touch user interaction. Delivery is simple. The touchfoil™ is rolled up and placed in a cardboard tube making it ideal for the export market.

About visualplanetVisualplanet logo

Established in 2002 visualplanet have pioneered the large format touchfoil™ market. As manufacturers of the original touchfoil™, visualplanet continues to develop and perfect the product and the manufacturing processes to maintain their market leading position. Visualplanet’s global partners combine the touchfoil™ with an extensive range of solutions to create experiences that engage and delight audiences all over the world.

Source: visualplanet

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