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DISPLAX launches dual touch version of technology that turns surfaces multitouch

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DISPLAX Skin Dualtouch 04

Through glass foil to appeal to entry market

DISPLAX Interactive Systems, international manufacturer of large size multitouch technology, has launched a version of its star product, Skin Multitouch, with 2 true touches. The goal is to fulfill a market opportunity for large sizes but with 2 touches detected simultaneously.

According to Miguel Fonseca, Chief Business Officer “with multitouch we are entering a new stage in the way we interact with software, as occurred with the introduction of the mouse. And we have no doubt that multitouch is the future of user interaction. That’s why our most important product is a projected capacitive multitouch foil. However, currently there is still a significant demand for a solution with those characteristics but with 2 touches. That is why we are releasing Skin Dualtouch, to fulfill that market opportunity for those for whom currently 2 touches are enough”.

The new product, DISPLAX Skin Dualtouch is composed by a transparent and flexible thinner-than-paper polymer foil DISPLAX Skin Dualtouch 03DISPLAX Skin Dualtouch 02DISPLAX Skin Dualtouch 01that, when applied to glass, plastic or wood, turns the surface interactive. A second component is a patent-pending controller that processes multiple input signals that come from a grid of nanowires embedded in the foil.

DISPLAX manufactures in Portugal and currently is shipping worldwide, with the exception of USA. “Our pricing for this product depends on the size but it is really very competitive when compared to other dual touch technologies, with the advantage of enabling totally flat surfaces, allowing zero bezel designs, and being unaffected by change in light conditions, as some are. We can be competitive globally because we only ship the touch sensor with the display being supplied by the local market, as opposed to other products that require integration of the touch with the display. That, combined with the reliability that we already have on Skin Multitouch, makes this new product a killer for the touch market entry” summarizes Miguel Fonseca.

DISPLAX Skin Dualtouch is already available for shipping, with sizes starting from 30’’ and going up to 100’’.

DISPLAX Interactive Systems is a leading innovator and manufacturer of interactive technologies with expertise in multitouch interactivity. Based in Europe, DISPLAX is a multitouch hardware manufacturer and software developer, having developed the world’s first projected capacitive multitouch film.
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