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Hypothesis About Digital Signage Content

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BlueFox logoListening to the market and to what our clients expect from ushas a major influence on our work. In this sense, BlueFox is regularly interviewing its clients, prospects and partners. Once in a while we extend our questions and address to the whole industry in an open poll. So this winter, when BlueFox conducted a 1-month running online poll open to the industry that was not at all designed to be representative, but just to take the temperature of the industry on questions we are asking ourselves. It delivered some interesting insights. We would like to share some hypothesis out of this research with you. Some of the results were expected and confirm what we already found out in previous interviews, some of the facts are new to us and we would like to know your opinion. Do you agree with these insights or in which way you have a different vision?

Please tell us your thoughts; we will be happy to discuss with you.

  1. The most relevant feed content categories are Weather, Topnews, Business/Economy, Sports, Traffic and Health/Healthy Living.
  2. The most relevant video content categories are Travel/ Escape, Sports, Nature/ Animals and Cartoons.
  3. Preferred delivery formats for feeds are XML/RSS and Media RSS.
  4. Video content (clips, feeds delivered in video) is preferred compared to raw feed delivery
  5. Important criteria for the choice of content are visual beauty, low price, Proof of Performance (that content is pertinent for the target group) and the possibility to customize.
  6. 1 of 3 respondents sayshe will need more content in 2012. Almost 1 of 4 will produce the content he needshimself. The demand for customized content is important.
  7. Agencies and network owners are responsible which content will be shown on the screens, integrators and network operators have less influence.
  8. The overall budgets for content are very modest (3 of 4 spend less than 10€/screen/month). 1 of 3 spends <1€/screen/month, another 1/3 orders for 4-10€. Less than 10% spend 16-30€.
  9. The vertical markets which need the most of content are Retail, Banking/Financial/Insurance, Healthcare and Food and Beverage/Hospitality.
  10. Half of the respondents expect the total revenue out of Digital Signage to rise in 2012, about 1 of 4 thinks it will stay the same and the rest fears reduced revenues.
  11. Concerning advertising revenues the respondents are divided, the majority believes in more ad revenues in 2012 but 1 of 3 is expecting less.
  12. The big majority of the respondents plan to spend more on Digital Signage, 1 out of 4 less.
  13. Some information to classify the respondents: The big majority of the respondents care for middle-sized DS networks (31-100 screens).
  14. The broadcast systems used are very variable.
  15. On the open question “What are the major errors that content providers do?” we received 4 typical answers: 1. Prices should fit the number of screens (digressive ratecard), 2. Content has to be beautiful AND customizable, 3. There is a need for very short content (up to 5 seconds), 4. Prices are too high and offerings too complicated.


Andrea Le Vot
Marketing & Research Manager
andrealevot [at]
+33 2 99 63 94 13

Source: BlueFox

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