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Digital signage worth while waiting for

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Fys Optima deploys Adtraxion digital signage solution 1Fys’Optima deploys Adtraxion digital signage solution to engage, inform and entertain clients

Fys’Optima is among the largest physiotherapy co-operatives, with 220 affiliated practices across The Netherlands. They are continuously looking for effective communication tools to allow their members to keep their clients well-informed. They have decided to deploy a digital signage network that includes screens located in the waiting room of each participating practice. Adtraxion Systems and ThéMAC have entered into a strategic partnership to equip and operate the Fys’Optima digital signage network.

The Fys’Optima digital signage network covers, as of now, 80 physiotherapy practices. Each practice has one or two screens that display a variety of content, tailored to the location and audience of every practice. The content includes Fys’Optima and practice-related information, news headlines and advertising.

Fys Optima deploys Adtraxion digital signage solution 2This kind of communication is known to be perceived very well by clients of physiotherapy practices. It informs clients about relevant subjects in a highly attractive way and can convey many different messaging. At the same time the screens have made the waiting for clients more pleasant; by displaying entertaining content the perceived waiting time has been reduced significantly.

ThéMAC is responsible for the complete operation of the Fys’Optima network. This includes implementation, setup, content management and updates. For this they will use the Adtraxion digital signage solution. “We have chosen the Adtraxion digital signage solution due to its reliability and effectiveness,” says Jos de Haan, director of ThéMAC. “Their digital signage solution is built for reliability and makes it simple to set-up and maintain the network remotely from one location.”

Since the first phase more affiliated practices have signed up to become part of the Fys’Optima digital signage network. As a result a second roll-out phase is planned. The second phase of the Fys’Optima network rollout will begin on short notice and involves 30 new locations.

Download the case study here. For an example of the play list click here.


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ThéMAC is a full service digital signage provider. Our team brings together years of experience and expertise in the field of innovative communication. We offer our digital signage know-how with an open mind toward rapid social and technological developments. ThéMAC is a new generation communications specialist. Entrepreneurship, creativity and innovation are key to our success. ThéMAC is the main contact for design and implementation of innovative digital signage projects. Allowing organizations to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of communications significantly.


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