Thursday, September 28, 2023

Digital signage spending to boom in UAE

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UAE. Digital signage spending on Dubai Metro and its stations could fetch AED 10 million per annum (US$2.7 million), just the tip of the iceberg, industry officials said in an interview for Gulf News. The significant drop in advertising expenditure by retailers due to the global financial crisis is boosting the fortunes of the UAE’s digital signage industry which is now expected to grow by 125% in 2009, according to industry sources.

“In a depressed market, advertising always gets the first hit, but the fact is that it is in times like these advertising is most critical,” Girish Mehta, Managing Director of Adventure Digital, was quoted as saying.

The expanding retail space in the UAE as a result of opening of new shopping malls is poised to boost demand for digital signage and other audiovisual systems.

“Hyper-markets and supermarkets in the UAE have started utilising in-house digital signage solutions using LCD display panels and leveraging cutting edge technology to influence consumer behaviour at the point of purchase.

“Banks and companies are also realising the need to use their LCD screens not just for showing TV channels and news, but as effective tools for promoting their products,” added Mehta.


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