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Amsterdam RAI Digital Screen Network Goes the Distance with Magenta Receivers

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Magenta MultiView Series enables long distance, high quality video signal distribution to hundreds of displays

Amsterdam RAI convention centre has deployed over 800 MultiView transmitter and receiver units from Magenta Research to manage high quality VGA and video signal distribution for RAI Live!, Europe’s largest and most dynamic single location digital screen network. Magenta’s world renowned MultiView Series was chosen for its field-proven reliability in signal distribution over unshielded twisted pair (UTP) cable to overcome complex environments and long distance challenges.

Amsterdam RAI hosts over 500 events, 120 trade shows and caters for over two million visitors every year. In order to aid navigation through the 87,000 square metres of exhibition space, RAI engaged with Dutch digital signage solutions provider QYN to create a unique way-finding and commercial messaging service for organisers, exhibitors and visitors. A new building project “RAI Elicium” opened in September 2009, which added a further 100 screens bringing the current total to 800.

QYN designed and developed a customised digital proposition to address specific RAI objectives which included a reduction in operational costs and environmental impact, operational enhancements and additional visitor value. The in-depth technical aspects of the installation were managed by QYN. The result was to deliver a combination of fixed and mobile screens throughout RAI entry points, halls, walkways, conference areas, meeting rooms and exits, all controlled by separated PC’. The distribution of content and playlist to these PC’s is managed by a central server. Since many of the PCâ?Ts are placed in server rooms, the distance between them and the 800 screens is considerable. Owing to complicated cabling structures already in existence and the vast side-wide coverage required, QYN opted for a high level extension product that would simplify the installation process, ensure no conflict with external influences and achieve high quality over an extensive range.

Magenta’s Dutch distributor MVS Video liaised with QYN on the supply of over 400 transmitters and 400 receivers with support from Magenta’s US technical team. “oWe have many years experience in the narrowcasting industry and for this application we required a product that would guarantee high quality content on screens 24/7” commented Hans-Christiaan de Vaan, Managing Director, QYN.

Magenta’s MultiView has demonstrated unmatched distance, performance and reliability in other Dutch customer installations with difficult circumstances, including McDonalds, so our proposal to Amsterdam RAI was positively received and the quality has met expectations. The MultiView Series is Magenta’s flagship product which uses low cost UTP cables to extend pristine quality video and audio with serial data at 1920×1200 resolution over a distance of 2000ft/610m. The comprehensive building block components of MultiView, including transmitters, receivers, distribution amps and full-matrix switchers, offer infinite configuration possibilities. Using MultiView receivers with daisy-chaining capability has lead to substantial savings in the cost of equipment, cabling and labour. Significantly less cable is needed from one receiver to the next. “This is a huge project and one that we are extremely proud to be part of,” commented Rob Muddiman, European Sales and Marketing Manager, Magenta Research. ‘RAI Live! is a great example of successful large venue digital signage that delivers an informative, meaningful visitor experience from entry, through walkways and halls, to departure.’

About QYN
QYN, narrowcasting by KPN is the Dutch market leader in Digital Signage. In 2006 QYN originated form a merger between three prominent Digital Signage suppliers and Dutch telecom operator Royal KPN, QYN currently offers its services in Benelux and Germany. Providing turnkey solutions for Digital Signage networks in retail, corporate and public environments, QYN is the one stop shopping partner for its customers. More information is available at

About Magenta Research
Magenta Research is the industry-recognised leader in the adaptive distribution and switching of video/audio/control signals over CatX cable, DVI over fibre and/or Cat6 and more recently, HDMI over Cat6. Over ten years, Magenta has developed the highest-performance, broadest and most flexible video-over-CatX product line, the MultiView Series. The company utilises proprietary technologies to enable WUXGA/1080p video distribution at 2,000 feet (610m). MultiView Series transmitters, receivers, switchers and distributive systems have been installed in a large variety of A/V applications, especially dynamic signage for retail, airport, fast food, museum, casino, theatre, courtroom and corporate applications. In 2006, Magenta introduced the Mondo Matrix, the first multimedia Cat5 matrix switcher that can be scaled incrementally from 16×16 to 256×512. The Mondo has quickly become the new standard for larger-scale video plus audio and/or serial matrix switching. In 2006, Magenta launched the Infinea DVI Series and an industry-first â?” unlimited DVI extension over optical fibre and/or Cat6 using digital signal repeaters at 10km of fibre or 600 ft. (183m) of Cat6. Based in Connecticut, USA, Magenta utilises a network of international distributors, manufacturers representatives and resellers to market its enabling technology worldwide. For more information, please email [email protected] or visit

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