Saturday, September 23, 2023

Caltron Industries, Inc. introduces the next size to the growing line of High Bright Open Frame Monitors

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The HBT-1503O, 15” Open Frame High Bright monitor is the next in the series of Open Frame High Bright LED Monitors to be released for integrators, OEMs and End Users to use in their applications.  The HBT-1503O offers users more options when developing a prototype or products.  The brighter screen allows for the unit to be used in both indoor and outdoor applications.  The 15” High Bright Open Frame Monitor will be one of many sizes to be introduced into this line.  Just like all of Caltron’s other open frame monitors, there is both, a resistive or surface acoustic wave touch option with a serial or USB touch interface.  There are also additional options like, DVI input, Composite Video input, BNC input and other such additions.  All specs are similar to the currently existing LED Open Frame Monitors, including the mechanical dimensions and the only difference is that the brightness of the panel is rated at 1500 nits or cd/m2.  Caltron tries to keep all of our monitors uniform, within the size range, so that integrators and designers have one less worry, when designing an enclosure.  With the same robust and sleek design as our current Open Frame Monitors, the HBT-1503O will surely be a reliable monitor that integrators can use in their applications.

For any questions or information on how to purchase a unit for testing today, please contact a sales representative at sales [at] or call 510-440-1800.

Source: Caltron Industries

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