Sunday, July 14, 2024

Caltron introduces the IPR-1904O and IPS-1904O into the line of industrial touch monitors

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Caltron IPR 1904O industrial resistive touch LCD monitorLike all of Caltron’s industrial touch monitors, the IPR-1904O, 19” industrial resistive touch LCD monitor and IPS-1904O, 19” Industrial SAW touch LCD monitor are both UL Compliant and front sealed for any application that requires a monitor with a bezel.  Just like Caltron’s existing industrial touch screen monitors, the 19” monitors are front sealed to help prevent water leakage and is more dust/liquid resistant than an open frame touch screen monitor. This helps to protect the unit from harsh environments that can have a high volume of dust or liquid in proximity to the unit or enclosure.  Many integrators and applications might prefer our IP series, since certain applications require a bit more protection from the surrounding environment than others and are unable to create a front sealed enclosure.

Many industrial applications are in need of front sealed industrial monitors and it is only fitting that Caltron releases a new Touch Screen Monitor to accommodate the needs of the integrators and applications that require a front sealed monitor. Caltron’s industrial monitors are built to handle harsh environments and are just as durable as Caltron’s open frame monitors.  All of the industrial touch monitors are easy to integrate into any application and with a standard VESA mount in the back of the monitor; it allows integrators to have more options when integrating the unit into an application.

When one of Caltron’s Open Frame Monitors just doesn’t quite fit into the job requirement and there is a need for an industrial touch monitor, try a front sealed monitor, that Caltron has to offer for any job requirement in need of a front sealed monitor.

For any questions or concerns, please contact a Caltron sales representative today by calling 510-440-1800 or by emailing sales [at]

Source: Caltron Industries

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