June 7, 2023


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Neo Advertising and TPG Pub are launching a new offer of digital display in Geneva: Move&Shop

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What is it? Simply THE communication solution to touch all the Geneva inhabitants in all their daily travels. Indeed, this new 100 % digital offer allows the announcers to be present on 483 screens in the heart of 4 of the biggest shopping malls of the city (La Praille, Thônex, Eaux-Vives 2000, Les Cygnes) and in all the buses, tramways and trolley bus of Geneva. This new product generates more than a million contacts / week.

It is the guarantee to touch all the Geneva inhabitants throughout the day in several contexts for an optimal efficiency.

The power of the TPG media + the efficiency of the shopping mall media

With a network of more than 206 km, a park of more than 396 vehicles, the TPG transports every day more than 490’000 travelers: this confers an unequalled power to this media in the city of Geneva.

With more than 75% of purchase decisions taken on the point of sale and 66% of purchases being spontaneous, the shopping mall media takes more and more importance in announcers’ media plans. This allows them to be present in consumers’ spirits just before the act of purchase.

These two environments offer a quality of exhibition looked for by the announcers. With an average of visit duration of 1h30 in the shopping malls, and an average travel time in the TPG of 6 minutes, the announcers find there the opportunity to develop a speech, a privileged relation with their consumers and to create some “commitment “.

A moderated price for an optimal performance

The Move&Shop consists of one week campaigns with a 20 seconds spot, for a gross tariff of CHF 12’000.- (which CHF 200.-of technical fees). It provides advertisers more than 44,000 broadcasts of their spot / day and more than 1 million contacts / week.

An easy implementation

The TPG Pub and Neo Advertising teams market this offer each from their part allowing the announcers to deal with their privileged interlocutor.

Neo Advertising centralizes all the spots to adapt them to the various formats.

Then every team takes care of the spots broadcasting.

Move&Shop is the answer for the announcers who want to find new media solutions: flexible, fast to operate and with a moderated price for a maximal impact and efficiency.

Source: Neo Advertising