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CAYIN Digital Signage Solution Boosts Liquor Sales for CSN Wine & Spirits

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20111012 p1CSN Wine & Spirits installed CAYIN’s digital signage solutions to empower the in-store screen media. This project was conducted and implemented by DeltaTech, CAYIN’s premium partners in Canada. The new digital screen network adds a modern touch to the traditional liquor store and conveys important information in a highly effective way.

As early adopters, nationwide chain stores and shopping malls have seen digital signage as a crucial in-store marketing tool to promote brands and products. Its proven performance has attracted the attention of CSN Wine & Spirits owner, Mr. Darcy Sandhu. He consulted DeltaTech, CAYIN’s channel partner in Canada, and started to use the cutting-edge digital technology to replace printing posters, and brought a modern touch to the traditional liquor store.

The digital signage player SMP-WEBDUO is installed in the manager’s office to control all six monitors. To maximize exposure, monitors are displayed throughout the whole 8000 sq ft store: one at the entrance, one in a wine room, one above cashiers, and three monitors forming a triangle in the middle of the store.

CSN has a selection of over 3,500 wines, spirits, liqueurs and specialty beers. Before installing the in-store digital signage, they had to print flyers and posters to promote their special offers. However, the display space is limited to printed materials, so only a few items can be added to the shortlist.CAYIN CSN Wine Spirits

Right now, CSN uses digital signage not only to broadcast current promotions, but also introduce new brands or inform customers of future happenings, such as a schedule of the future wine tastings. Using digital signage not only conveys more information, but also saves printing costs.

“For fifteen years, we have been dedicated to introduce the best products to our customers with the highest level of service and expertise,” said Mr. Darcy Sandhu, General Manager of CSN Wine & Spirits. “We are very happy that we can now display important information and promotions in a highly effective way.”

SMP-WEBDUO features two signal outputs. With the help of two signal splitters, CSN can choose to broadcast the same content to all six players in clone mode, or divide all monitors into two groups; showing two different sets of contents in distinct mode. The great flexibility enables CSN to adjust presentations immediately through the media player’s user interface in accordance with their promotion plans.

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CSN Wine & Spirits in Brief
CSN Wine & Spirits is one of the biggest liquor stores in Calgary, Canada. The location is over 40 years old, and has been a landmark wine store for locals since the 1960’s. Their stylish interior includes over 8000sq ft. of retail space and a selection of over 3,500 Wines, Spirits, Liqueurs and Specialty Beers.

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