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New High Resolution, Wide-Angle LED Billboard Goes Live at New York’s Iconic 1 Times Square

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D3 LED display Yorks Iconic 1 Times SquareIf you’re standing in the middle of New York’s Times Square you’ll notice that several digital signage billbords tend to dominate space. Digital displays such as ABC Studio’s Super Sign, Walgreens’ multi-story LED spectacular, Forever 21, Quiksilver, and Aéropostale’s flagship storefronts are absolute standouts. All of these digital billboards have one thing in common—they were all designed and manufactured by New York’s D3. D3’s has become the leader in the digital out-of-home market in Times Square—having created more than 70% of all digital signage displays in the Square since 2006.

D3 has just announced a new addition to their Time Square portfolio with the construction of a new LED display for Sherwood Outdoor, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Sherwood Equities, Inc. A new high-resolution, wide-angle LED display has been installed at the base of the iconic 1 Times Square building in New York City. Located at West 42nd Street and Broadway, 1 Times Square is known internationally as the site where the New Year’s Eve ball drops annually in Times Square.

The new digital display anchors the sign collection at 1 Times Square and replaces a Yahoo! sign that had occupied the space since 2005. The new display showcases D3’s newest 10mm SMD display product with a resolution of 576 x 1088. D3 used 612 LED modules to build the display, which measures 18 feet high x 35 feet wide. The display is currently being utilized to feature advertising and promotional content.

This is the second LED display at 1 Times Square built by D3; in 2008 Walgreens launched the largest LED sign in the Square covering 17,000 square-feet, and running diagonally up both sides of the building and surrounding the store at ground level.

“We’re extremely pleased with this next generation D3 product as it has the best viewing angles of any SMD display in Times Square,” said Jason Barak, D3 managing partner. “Our engineering team’s commitment to constantly improve upon our technology continues to benefit our client. In this case, the advertiser is able to cast their message in wide viewing directions, a key marketing differentiator when trying to reach more consumer eyeballs.”

About Sherwood Outdoor
Sherwood Outdoor is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Sherwood Equities, Inc. It owns and manages the “best and the brightest” branding locations at the strategic north and south ends of Times Square. Their locations include 1 Times Square, internationally known as the location where the ball drops during the annual Times Square New Year’s Eve celebration, and Two Times Square, where the familiar Coca-Cola sign has been since 1932.

About D3
D3 is the world’s leader in specialized LED digital display solutions. Pioneers in design, engineering and technology, D3 manufactures highly sophisticated LED displays and out-of-home digital media systems that create engaging customer experiences for global brands and sports and entertainment venues. The company’s displays can be found throughout the world, and most notably include the Walgreens spectacular, ABC Studios super sign, JVC billboard display, Disney Store, Aéropostale, Quiksilver, and Forever 21—all located in New York’s Times Square. D3 is headquartered in New York City and Rancho Cordova, CA. For more information please visit

Source: D3

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