Saturday, April 13, 2024

COLLEVO Delivers a Brand-New Official Company Website

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Collevo Inc., a professional provider of industrial embedded LCD monitors for digital signage, has released a new version collevo websiteofficial company website to bring customers more up-to-date information and supports through the Internet.

To offer customers greatest support and best service, Collevo constructed an upgrade version company website in a short time. This new website is equipped with 2 languages: English and Chinese. First come to Collevo website, you will see a fascinating flash banner on the top to give visitors a quick introduction about what Collevo does. In homepage, you can have a quick view for hot news, latest event and new released product. Regarding product page, there are two series: Embedded Monitor Solution & Public Display Monitor.

Collevo also built “Application” section to present diverse applications in different industries. As for Support zone, customers can get warranty policy, FAQ and even download brochure/datasheet, driver, user guide and mechanical drawing freely.

To work closely with business partners, Collevo constructed the “Partner” section as well. All Collevo’s business partners can download original marketing materials and sales kits with their ID login. In “Contact Us”, expect for the office information with map, customers can also send out an inquiry online to save more time.

As the aim to satisfy customers’ needs the best, Collevo will continue to enhance the features of not only the company website but also products and services to gain more customers’ trust and succeed in the market.

About Collevo
Collevo Inc. specializes in Industrial Embedded LCD Monitors of Digital Signage which needs supreme display technology and expertise to provide turnkey solutions for diverse applications. As a trusted collaborative partner, Collevo continues to be on the technological forefront by utilizing high level engineering and management expertise. In our deep spirit, nothing is more important than customer satisfaction. We work closely with our customers for each project to meet those particular domain applications and operations in extreme critical environments. For more information,

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