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20,000 Hours of Touch – Long-life Projection Technology Integrated with Visual Planet’s Through Glass Touch

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Sax3d, Germany have integrated Visual Planet’s ViP Interactive Foil™ within their latest HOPS® – Touchterminal product, especially designed to bring together brand new projection technology and large format, through glass touch functionality. The ViP Interactive Foil™ enhances the user experience by creating a fascinating and interactive way to communicate with clients. The unique and outstanding holographic projection terminal is the ideal presentation tool within exhibitions and conferences, retail areas, museums, and many other public areas, providing the perfect solution at POI and POS.

Sax3d head of Research and Development, Ronald Dittrich explains, “At Sax3d we have seen many interactive solutions, but the perfect interactive product for our screens is the transparent ViP Interactive Foil™ from Visual Planet. With a simple installation and display calibration process, along with superb optical quality the product is easy to maintain within our own technology”.

Not only does the HOPS® – Touchterminal offer touch interactive communication for prospective clients, the transparency of the sales approach provides an entire touch interactive experience for the user.

“While developing our Touchterminal the main focus was set on hiding the technique and focusing mainly on the innovative touch display. With the VIP Interactive Foil™ we had the chance to offer our client a stylish interactive transparent holographic terminal using floating images to present the “wow factor” to the audience”.

Ideal for Point of Sale environments the HOPS® –Touchterminal presents a two-way information point with the projected display showing information about artifacts in museums, company information in foyers, stand details at exhibitions, local information in tourist centres, whilst the user is able to touch the glass and leave contact details and areas of interest stored on the PC hidden at the foot of the terminal.
The HOPS® – Touchterminal includes:
* HOPS.® – Glass Touch 30 inch (4:3 aspect ratio, 20° degree)
* ViP Interactive Foil laminated onto glass surface
* 1 designer rack
* 1 Casio projector
* 1 Mini PC
* 1 flight case for mobility

The construction of the HOPS® – Touchterminal is designed as a standalone, plug and play solution therefore increasing the amount of locations the product can be positioned. The projector and PC are integrated discreetly underneath the screen which produces a brilliant and transparent image with tremendous 610,000 x 457,000 resolution (depending on projector XGA resolution).

Ronald continues, “Visual Planet’s flexible manufacturing process allows custom designs and various tail lengths to be created making it extremely easy to hide and protect the electronic controller ensuring there are no visible components”.

The display operates perfectly in sunlight and functions up to 20,000 hours without changing the projector bulb. As a plug and play solution there are no installation costs, and with an included flight case the HOPS® – Touchterminal is transported easily and safely from one exhibition or trade fair to the next.

Visual Planet’s ViP Interactive Foil™ utilizes through glass projected capacitance touch technology and is ideal for interactive kiosk displays such as the HOPS® – Touchterminal. Laminated behind the glass projection screen the touch interactive surface is protected from vandalism and any liquids spilt on the glass. The unique large format demands the attention from the public passing by and offers touch interactive information that eliminates the need to repeatedly produce and replace static paper copies. With all the touch screen components safely positioned behind the glass the ViP Interactive Foil™ is perfectly suited to the ease of use and transport of the HOPS® – Touchterminal.

About Visual Planet
Back in 2003 Visual Planet were the first company in the world to deliver a large 50 inch through-glass flexible touch screen foil to the digital signage market. Today we can manufacture our ViP Interactive Foil™ up to four meters long and have sold the product to every major country around the globe. ViP Touch Technology has inspired thousands of people and organisations worldwide and is now the pioneering heartbeat behind many hundreds of large scale through-glass touch interactivity solutions. With an extensive network of worldwide value added resellers it couldn’t be easier to turn your world into an influential touch interactive communication space.

Source: Visual Planet

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