Thursday, October 5, 2023

Visual Planet, Big Touch-Foil Technology Just Got Bigger

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Visual Planet push the boundaries of the highly successful through glass projected capacitance touch-foil technology the ViP Interactive Foil™ to a staggering 167 inch diagonal active area. This translates into standard display formats of up to 146 inch diagonal in 21:9 cinema screen format, and 116 inch 16:9 format. With a completely flexible manufacturing process, Visual Planet can also meet the needs of the new customisable display technologies that have recently come to market.

Visual Planet’s thin foil technology, which can turn any non-metallic surface into a touch screen experience, has been inspiring the Digital Signage world since 2004 with its unique ability to retrofit any shop window into an interactive play space and turn any non-interactive large format kiosk from a passive advertising display into an engaging customer experience. However, the ViP Interactive Foil™ is not just limited to this market area. Many existing public locations take advantage of the touch-foils either dressed up as large versions of mobile phones, acting as an information point 2600 meters at the summit of a mountain, or in collaborative tabletop work spaces. As you can imagine, the applications for this technology are almost unlimited.

Technical Bit
As part of the new touch-foil sizing development Visual Planet have also produced a new controller and increased the number of X,Y fine wires in its 100µm transparent touch-foil sensor. This enhancement of the ViP Interactive Foil™ allows the technology to efficiently recognise a touch over a greater surface area, and maintain accuracy without compromising the optical quality.

Visual Planet’s thin foil touch technology is simply stuck (either using a permanent or temporary fixing system) behind any non-metallic surface and can operate through up to 20mm of glass. With all the components safely behind the material, it has the added advantage of being built into rugged and robust solutions – even outdoor signage that is impervious to harsh weather and vandalism.

Support for Dual Touch Zoom and Pinch
Even with these new sizes the ViP Interactive Foil™ supports the standard dual touch pinch and zoom gestures which exist within Windows XP, Vista, and 7 operating systems without any additional application development.

“Our new sizing further enhances our position as the world’s leading manufacturer of this technology. Large format through glass touch film technology opens up new revenue streams in retail and business communications by engaging the public with innovative and attractive messaging, providing you with effective return on investment. And our worldwide network of value added resellers enables us to deliver a truly interactive experience on a global scale – Mike Cole, Director – Visual Planet

About Visual Planet

Visual Planet was established in 2001, and with previous experience in the digital signage market the company are now the pioneers of the large format, clear flexible, touch technology, capable of working through any non-metallic material. The Cambridge, UK based company has been manufacturing the ViP Interactive Foil™ since 2004. It can be custom designed to meet the needs of Digital Signage and many other market sectors. As the technology can be used behind glass it is impervious to dust, dirt, and liquids. The flexible construction of the foil makes it an ideal product for converting new and upgrading existing display technologies in to exciting interactive solutions.

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