May 28, 2023

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Design and Technology Student creates Interactive Coffee table

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Visual Planet’s ViP Interactive Foil has been innovatively used by a student from King’s School Sixth Form in Rochester, UK to create an aesthetically pleasing and extremely creative coffee table inviting interaction from the family.

Chris Alexander’s project uses a construction combining a solid oak coffee table, Visual Planet’s ViP Interactive Foil, and a Sony LCD Panel to produce a well designed central console for the living room of his house as part of his Design and Technology and Graphic Communication studies.

In his final year of Sixth Form Chris was drawn to Visual Planet after the company and their ViP Interactive Foil appeared on Channel Five’s, The Gadget Show. Chris explained “At the time the product really interested me, but I never thought I would ever have one of my own. That was a couple of years ago now, but it stuck in my mind.

“The ViP Interactive Foil really is the most ideal interactive device because it is the only thing that would make a piece of toughened glass interactive. This was important because after all it is a coffee table where objects such as glasses, mugs and bowls might be put down on top – it cannot be damaged.”

Central to Chris’ living room the interactive coffee table replaces magazines and newspapers and anything that traditionally clutters up the home environment. Chris’ setup allows the user to access anything at any time, including TV listings, cinema times, online shopping, social network sites and media files for the whole room to enjoy.

“For me interactivity has always been interesting because the user is enabled to have much more movement physically. The ViP Interactive Foil makes the whole process a lot more enjoyable than just moving a mouse a few inches.”

Visual Planet’s Product Development Manager, Kevin Keeble commented on Chris’ enthusiasm towards the technology. “Chris asked all the right questions and discussed some fantastic ideas for touch interactivity that even extended beyond this particular project. He wanted to obtain in-depth information about the ViP Interactive Foil rather than just receive it and apply it to his table without fully understanding how the technology works.”

The coffee table supported by the ViP Interactive Foil highlights the flexibility of Visual Planet’s product and how it is continuously being applied to a wide variety of innovative applications and designs. Visual Planet wish Chris the best of luck for the future.

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