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eCommerce trumping Retail – How to jumpstart sales with AOpen products

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eCommerce trumping Retail jumpstart sales with AOpen productseCommerce in recent years has been taking bigger cuts into the retail pie and brick-and-mortar stores are scrambling to compete in a tough economy. In the past, retailers could entice consumers to come through their stores with short term sales and deal gimmicks but in today’s day and age consumers are harder to win over. Savvy internet connected consumers expect more for their hard earned dollars these days and are usually armed with the latest prices and up to date information.

It sounds like a daunting task for business owners and marketers to overcome but AOpen has built a platform in which every retailer can deploy a reliable, cost effective digital solution. AOpen’s Digital Engines, Media Players, and warmTOUCH all-in-one’s offer the most versatility in multi-functionality that delivers an experience not just inside the store but also when a customer leaves.

Entice customers with in-store purchases, update prices from anywhere at any time, gamify your entire retail environment, and share content from screen to screen all built upon AOpen’s hardware platform. AOpen’s digital solutions are perfect for any retailer, regardless of size and tough enough to handle virtually any environment. Interested? Come find out more at our booth #N1867 @ InfoComm 2012 and see the endless possibilities.

Source: AOpen

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