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Wildstone Boosts EU Digitisation and Growth with New European Operations Director, Yvette Meijer

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Wildstone, the premier owner of outdoor media infrastructure in the UK and Europe, has welcomed Yvette Meijer as the new European Operations Director. This appointment marks a significant milestone in Wildstone’s journey towards enhancing its digital footprint and growth within the outdoor advertising industry, particularly during a period of rapid transformation fueled by digital advancements.

Yvette Meijer brings to Wildstone a wealth of experience, spanning over 35 years in operations, procurement, and management within the telecommunications sector. Her previous roles have seen her make substantial impacts at notable companies such as Ericsson, Nokia, Colt Technology Services, and Cellnex Netherlands. Meijer’s tenure at Cellnex Netherlands as Deputy Country MD saw her overseeing operations for both telecommunications infrastructure and data centre services, equipping her with the ideal skill set to lead Wildstone’s European operations.

In her role as European Operations Director, Meijer will collaborate closely with Wildstone’s Global Managing Director and Chief Operations Officer. Her responsibilities will encompass strategic oversight of the European business, managing day-to-day operations, and aiding EU Managing Directors in implementing Wildstone’s growth and digitisation strategy across Europe.

Since its inception in 2010, Wildstone has established itself as a leader in the out-of-home (OOH) advertising sector by developing a portfolio boasting over 5,000 OOH assets across pivotal European markets such as the UK, Ireland, Spain, The Netherlands, and Germany. The company is set on expanding its market presence through site acquisitions and by transitioning hundreds of traditional paper billboards into digital formats. This strategy aligns with the global trend towards digital OOH advertising, which is projected to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 15.2%, doubling in size from $23 billion to $46 billion by 2029.

Yvette Meijer has expressed her enthusiasm for joining Wildstone at a time when the OOH industry is undergoing significant digital transformation. Leveraging her extensive experience in the telecommunications sector, Meijer is poised to contribute significantly to Wildstone’s expansion and digitisation strategies across Europe.

Philip Allard, Chief Operations Officer at Wildstone, highlighted Meijer’s vast and transferable experience in telecommunications infrastructure as invaluable for achieving the company’s ambitious goals in Europe. Wildstone’s commitment to digitising outdoor media assets and expanding its footprint underscores its position as a forward-thinking leader in the outdoor advertising space.

About Wildstone

Wildstone is at the forefront of owning and managing outdoor media infrastructure across Europe, with an impressive portfolio exceeding 5,000 out-of-home media assets. These assets range from digital screens to classic billboards, underpinning Wildstone’s influence in shaping the future of the OOH market. With a focus on innovation and quality, Wildstone utilizes advanced LED screen technology to ensure their digital screens are not only high quality but also eco-friendly and durable, catering to the evolving needs of advertisers and audiences alike.

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