Sunday, April 14, 2024

AAVARA launches HDMI Matrix 4X2

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AAVARA HDMI Matrix 4X2 switcherInsisting on professional line of HDMI product, Aavara® officially released PM4X2- a 1080p HDMI 1.3b MATRIX 4X2 is a switcher/splitter hub in January and available now on the retail market.

It offers you maximum convenience in HDMI signal distribution when you have multiple HDMI sources and displays to connect together. Each of the Four HDMI sources can be directed to any one of the two HDMI outputs so two displays/projector can show same source or two different sources simultaneously. It is compliant with Blu-ray DVD players and satellite set top boxes to any HDMI compatible display. Sources are accessible at any time to any display when operating with the IR remote.  Serving as the HDMI solution for professional Digital Signage Installation.

AAVARA HDMI Matrix 4X2 switcher connectivity diagram

PM4X2 4×2 matrix switching allows maximum versatility for integrated systems.  For more information, please visit

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Source: AAVARA

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