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Aavara Introduces Two HDMI 1080P Broadcasters In Computex 2009

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Aavara HDMI 1080P Broadcasters and ReceiverA Flexible, Scalable and Low Cost Solution for Consumers & Digital Signage System Integrators to Deliver HD Video to Almost Unlimited of Displays via Local Area Network in Distance

Taipei – COMPUTEX 2-6 June 2009 – Nangang 4F, M126~M130

Aavara Innovation Corp., a leading solution provider of display mounting and HDMI products, today further expended its HDMI Extender offering with Advance HDMI 1080p BROADCASTER. By leveraging very mature existing standard LAN (Local Area Network), the HDMI 1080p broadcaster delivers streaming 1080p HD video, up to 1080p, to almost unlimited of displays, a very flexible, scalable and low cost solution. It can be co-exist with existing local area network and devices to eliminate extra/dedicated signage infrastructure works and cost. Just connect HDMI video source like Blu-Ray/DVD player, Sony PS3, Microsoft X-Box360 Elite, Set top box, Satellite Receiver or PC with HDMI output to LAN with Sender, and connect all displays with Receiver to LAN as well, Plug and Play and no configuration required.

Two models of AAVARA HDMI 1080p Broadcasters PB900 & PB1000

Aavara HDMI 1080p BROADCASTER PB900 features and benefits:

*    Very flexible and scalable solution via LAN.
1 to Many Displays Broadcasting Architecture, adding more displays without adding LAN bandwidth loading.

*    Support up to 1080p (HDTV) Full HD video and audio streaming

*    Ultra-High speed compression to guarantee low latency and excellent video quality and lower bandwidth usage

*   Without distance limitation within Local Area Network

*    Support all displays/TV with HDMI connector input

*    All available LAN technology can be used to connect the HDMI 1080p broadcaster; e.g., Fast Ethernet, Gigabit Ethernet, WLAN, and HomePNA.

*    Plug and Play, no configuration required

Aavara Multi-HDMI 1080p BROADCASTER advanced version PB1000 with all PB900 features and benefits, and plus:

*    Support Multi-HDMI video sources broadcasting (multi-Sender) on LAN at same time

*    Display (w/ receiver) can select HDMI source (w/ Sender) from OSD to choose which HDMI video source you want to show.

*    Receiver side can interactive control HDMI source device via Sender remotely

Source: Aavara

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